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I'm pleased to announce my new book, Ball-Jointed Dolls for Beginners, is ready for sale and is now shipping. These books are printed on demand through CreateSpace. It takes about 3-5 days for printing, plus a little time for shipping.

Current retail price is $29.95, and this price will show on your invoice.

Use the button on the right to purchase the book using Paypal. You can also purchase the book through might save you a little on shipping.

If you're interested in buying more than 10 copies for an event, or if you're a retailer, please contact me.

My book is 142 pages of full-color photos and (14 pt) text, all involving the following the art of the resin ball-jointed doll. Their original introduction to the market was in 1999 (by Volks), and I dive a little into their history first. Here is the book's outline:

What is a BJD?
  • A brief history of the BJD 
  • My take on the Resin versus Vinyl debate 
  • Notes on sizes 
  • Commonly used terms and abbreviations 
  • Purchasing basics 
  • How collecting BJDs is different than other types of collecting 
  • Words of caution 
Choosing your BJD
  • Aesthetics and what is important to you 
  • Pricing and quality 
  • Themes and customization 
  • Notes about yellowing 
Purchasing your BJD
  • To consider before your purchase 
  • In person 
  • Online 
  • On the secondary market 
Caring for your BJD
  • BJD supplies 
  • Regular maintenacne 
  • Basic customizing 
  • Restringing 
  • Enhancing projects 
Joining the BJD community
  • Netiquette 
  • Making online connections 
  • Metting BJD collectors in person 
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