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Friday, September 26, 2014

Papana, the Player Slayer

Papana in Player Slayer

I have been looking for outfits that fit my new DD-Anne Fairygarden Papana, and I realized this slim mini girl is close to Tyler Wentworth in size. As I was redressing one of my fashion dolls, I figured I'd try this Integrity Toys Tulabelle 16" fashion on her. It's called Player Slayer.

The jeans barely hooked, but they do--and they are so cute, if a little long. The top is also a bit scoopy on her, but it works, especially with the fuzzy cape. It gives her such a different look! I think it's just adorable, and I can't wait to try additional IT fashions on her--I have a bunch for my Chicline girls.

She's wearing a YoSD sized DollHeart wig here.

Papana in Player Slayer

Monday, September 15, 2014

New DollHeart arrival...

Ante in dollheart

Miss Ante (Fairyland Minifee Moe-line) is modeling a new arrival from DollHeart. It's called Mia, and sized for Mini Dollfie Dream. It includes a cream colored, lace-trimmed sleeveless dress, pink and cream cardigan, stockings and a chain necklace. It fits her Moe-line body quite well, though I think other outfits may be slightly snug through the hips.

I was browsing on DollHeart's website this morning--never a good idea when you're trying to downsize your collection!--and found eight new outfits for Mini Dollfie Dream! Most look like they are coming soon, but there are two I really love: Sydney (also sized for MSD) and Paige.

While the outfits are a little pricey, in general, I love DollHeart's attention to detail and scale of fabric. It's hard to find. Plus, I love the accessories--stockings and lockets, for example. I think that sort of thing adds a lot to an outfit. I guess it's just a preference!