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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dollism exclusive Peak's Woods Goldie BJDs

If you follow my blog, I'm sure you know I'm not only a fan of Peak's Woods, but I also love Alice in Wonderland. Dollism Tokyo 2012 featured two OOAK dolls by Peak's Woods and DollHeart - just fantastic.

You can see the Red Queen (Goldie) here. According to DollHeart's page, she included:

  • Goldie Head + Body (white skin)
  • LE Clothing
  • LE Wig 
  • LE shoes 
  • LE face up
  • Eyes 
  • Hand Parts : 2 pairs of hand parts (basic, special) 
  • Foot Parts : 2 pair of foot parts (flat, heel) 
  • Cushions, box and CoA
Additionally, another one-off doll was created in collaboration with Peak's Woods as well. She is called the White Queen, and you can see more photos here. She included:
  • Goldie Head + Absolute Beauty body (white skin)
  • LE Clothing 
  • LE Wig
  • LE shoes 
  • LE face up 
  • Eyes
  • Hand Parts : 2 pairs of hand parts (basic, special) 
  • Foot Parts : 2 pair of foot parts (flat, heel) 
  • Cushions, box and CoA
You can see the list of items offered for this Tokyo doll convention here. Photos are property of DollHeart, and as both of these items were created as OOAK pieces, they are no longer available. However, visit their home page for additional One-off creations.

Got Kisha? New OOAK Peak's Woods by DollHeart on eBay!

Check out this gorgeous girl on eBay! She is absolutely stunning. If you don't currently own Kisha by Peak's Woods, now is the time. At the time of this posting, there are 2 days and 9 hours left, with a BIN of $999 and a starting bid of $689. This auction is by DollHeart and includes:

  • Normal skin Kisha on Absolute Beauty body with face-up, extra heel feet, and glass eyes
  • Garden Spirit set (exclusive OOAK)
  • Wig
  • Shoes
She's just gorgeous! The doll alone with a regular face-up and acrylic eyes would be $660 from Peak's Woods. This could be a fantastic deal!

Photos are property of DollHeart.

Rogita Blossom

Rogita Blossom by alington
Rogita Blossom, a photo by alington on Flickr.
My latest arrival from Peak's Woods, this is Rogita Blossom. She is a white skin doll on the new Absolute Beauty Femme body with a default face up and eyes.

Rogita is wearing a DollHeart wig and the witch dress Peak's Woods.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

OOAK Peak's Woods Rogita on eBay

Be still my heart--there's a gorgeous OOAK Peak's Woods girl on eBay, currently being auctioned off by DollHeart. She'd be the best Christmas gift ever! (Hint, hint!)

There are two days left on this auction, and the doll will ship from Hong Kong. Included in the auction are:

  • Peak's Woods Rogita, normal skin with face up (she can wear both SD13 and SD16 size outfits)
  • 1 pair of 18 mm eyes
  • flat feet and heel feet
  • wig
  • shoes
  • OOAK Bloody Alice outfit, red version by DollHeart

Again--what's not to love? Peak's Woods, Alice and DollHeart. Mmmm!

Photos property of DollHeart.

Monday, October 22, 2012

New character from Iplehouse - Assassin of Wind

Photo property of Iplehouse.
Assassin of Wind Mari is on sale through November 11. Basic price for this S.I.D. woman doll starts at $590.


  • Mari head
  • S.I.D. Woman body
  • 12-14 mm eyes in a random color
  • Basic Y.I.D hand parts
  • Feet, both flat and heel
  • Tension string
  • Assembly manual
  • Box and certificate
  • Make-up
  • Thigh parts (general or mobility)
  • Skin color (white, normal, peach gold, special real)
  • Outfit (Wind Warrior-Hanbok set or Assassin set)
  • Shoes (A or B)
  • Wigs
  • Binyeo
  • Weapon (A or B)
Check out Iplehouse's website for the full details and pricing, and the gorgeous photos!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Rogita Blossom from Peak's Woods

First 30 orders of the new Halloween doll - Rogita Blossom (available as a basic or Halloween LE) receive a free Halloween dress (as shown in the promo pictures), and your doll is guaranteed before Halloween (that is--it will be shipped on or before October 25).

Valid October 1-15 only.

There is a new Peak's Woods Gate Contest:

Create a new main gate for main site with a Christmas or Halloween theme.

Valid October 5-15 only.

Prize: Free FOF doll of your choice

For details on how to enter and what you need to include, see this invitation.

All photos are property of Peak's Woods.