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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Shooting Star in MegannArt

Shooting Star

Another precious tiny new arrival is Shooting Star (in limited edition suntan resin), a Monthly Fairy by Peak's Woods. She's dressed in a perfect little dress by MegannArt and a wig from Peak's Woods. I simply adore these little fairies--her winking face is quite mischievous!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Redesigned Lottie

Wake-Up Lottie

I'm thrilled to introduce Redesigned Lottie (Peak's Woods) to you all. I've been wanting to add her to my collection for a while, but she hasn't been available, due to a mold defect. This girl is extra special: she is a one-off from the Christmas even in 2013 (I think). She's on the Absolute Beauty body in suntan skin.

You can see a few more photos of her on Flickr.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

DollPamm BeBe Po-Bi tiny bjd

DollPamm BeBe tiny BJD Po-Bi
One of my newer arrivals who hasn't had much camera time is Po-Bi, a camel skin tone tiny girl by DollPamm in their new BeBe size. I'm a big fan of DollPamm's stylized bodies--curves, hip, and unique jointing.

Her skin tone is a peachy tan, similar to my last tan Fairyland Pukifee Ante, only perhaps a bit lighter.

She's wearing a top from Peak's Woods Monthly Fairy Bow Jjang, and bottoms from DollinStyle.

She also included a tiny pinky and a tail.
Tiny feet
Tiny feet--the details are perfect!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Shushu in MegannArt


This is Shushu, a Peak's Woods Monthly Fairy (limited edition in this tan skin tone), dressed in a wonderful dress by MegannArt.

I adore this tiny little dolls.

Thursday, January 8, 2015



One of my grail dolls, Volks Megu (SD10), with a new faceup by Leah Lilly. She's an original from 2004, which I purchased from the secondary market. Here, she's in Enchanted Doll resin eyes (I think these are ED #48 18mm), a Peak's Woods wig (color F4), and Nine9Style clothing (the style is no longer in stock from the manufacturer, but I bet you could still find it from a dealer).

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Elf Tristan - Peak's Woods - in real life!


From yesterday's photoshoot, this is Elf Tristan, one of my 2014 acquisitions. She's just lovely--a gorgeous suntan toned doll (close in shade to Iplehouse's Special Real Skin shade, only a little warmer).

She's wearing a wig by Licht, and this is her limited edition faceup. She has great option hands, too--which included a manicure with crystals.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015



I've begun on my New Year's resolutions already by spending the morning taking some photos of a few of the dolls who don't get enough camera time here.

Above, it's Mintie (Peak's Woods) who is currently on an Absolute Beauty body (I think she's wearing the outfit from Into the Woods Bella the Moon, a Licht wig, and glass eyes from Mint on Card). I always forget how much I adore this sculpt!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year's - and do you have BJD resolutions for 2015?

Vampire Goldie, Fairy of Color - Peak's Woods
At the start of 2015, I thought I'd take a brief moment to look over my BJD-specific resolutions for the year. I'm not sure resolutions help me much, but it feels important, so why not?

  1. Like or love? The first thing I need to do is pair down the number of dolls I have in my collection. I have too many to enjoy in a reasonable way. I don't like the clutter, and some need to move on. My next project will be to figure out who stays and who goes, with the hard question, Do I like this doll, or really love this doll?
  2. Sticking to budget. I have my next book, the next edition of BJDs for Beginners, well underway, and I'd like to get it finished. Until I do, I need to stick to my budget. So far, so good--I've got Vamp Goldie on order, and I want to sell two from my "like" list before her arrival.
  3. Continuing contemporary. I am in love with contemporary clothing for BJDs. They are really fun to style, though perhaps not as easy to find as other themes. I would like to go through my dolls' clothing and get rid of everything I don't love and that doesn't fit this style.
  4. More photography. Practice makes perfect. I need to take more photos. Because of a recent injury to my rotator cuff, I haven't been able to lift my camera. I'm healing pretty well, though, so I'll want to start shooting whenever I can.
  5. Decluttering the display. Part of what makes collecting BJDs fun is the display. When mine is so crowded you can't see one doll for the next, that makes things uncomfortable. If I want to display each doll I own, I'd better be sure to get rid of enough so there's room for everyone!
I think that will do it for now. Do you have any dolls on your wish list for the year? What about any major changes to your collection?