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Thursday, October 20, 2011

BJDs and staining

Yeru in Splendid Blue by alington
Yeru in Splendid Blue, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Are you a recent BJD convert from vinyl dolls? Are you concerned about black or darkly colored fabric staining your precious (and expensive) resin doll?

For those of you who collect vinyl, you know how difficult removing stains can be. I'm sure you're equally concerned about being able to remove stains from your expensive ball-jointed beauty as well.

How can you be sure that your gorgeous BJD beauty will be safe from stains? Do major doll costuming companies, such as DollHeart, take care to create clothing that won't bleed onto your doll?

Before we get started, keep in mind that resin cleans easily with Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser sponge. Used dry, light staining is easily removed. Simply move the sponge in small circles over the stained area. You'll need to use a very light touch on blushed dolls, or you'll risk removing the sealant and paint.

Bleeding (color transfer) happens when a non-colorfast fabric comes into contact with a lighter color of fabric (or in this case, porous resin). In damp climates or if the fabric becomes wet, this is usually a bigger problem. For more information about fabric care, check out Mrs. Stewart's page.

From my own experience, I don't think you can take any dark fabric as completely stain safe. Black and reds are the biggest culprits. You have a few options:

  • Change your doll's clothing frequently.
  • Have your doll wear a light colored bodysuit underneath dark colored clothing.
  • Treat the fabric before dressing your doll.
You can treat the fabric by soaking it in a solution of three parts water to one part (white) vinegar. Make sure to rinse under cold water, so all the vinegar is removed (you shouldn't be able to smell it), and the water runs clear. Leaving vinegar in fabric can damage it over time.

Delicate outfits probably shouldn't be washed, even by hand. I'd recommend the bodysuit option for these, if you're concerned. 


  1. Are there certain fabrics that can stain more than others?
    For example, is satin in a shirt or dark denim jeans more likely to stain?

  2. I have personally found that dark or red stretch fabrics tend to stain the most frequently (like fabrics used for hose), and most fabric that have a synthetic component also stain pretty easily, too. Cotton usually does ok with resin dolls, however--again, in my experience. But if you are concerned, just pretreat your fabrics first, and keep a white undergarment on your doll, and you shouldn't have to worry.


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