Saturday, August 30, 2014

Limited edition Peak's Woods Segi has arrived!

LE Segi

She's here! And she's even more lovely in person than her promo photos. It's Peak's Woods limited edition Segi. I'm just thrilled. I was excited to wake up to the postal carrier this Saturday morning, who delivered her--along with her cohort, Dandy Tristan!--in a huge box.

You can see more photos of her on Flickr. Plus, I've also posted photos of her deboxing here, too.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Bebe line available from Dollpamm!

New cuties are available from Dollpamm - a brand new size - the Bebe line! This size stands only 11cm in height and is fully ball-jointed.

Dizzying Hachi
Starting price is $150 for a blank BJD in pink resin (add $20 for camel-toned resin), and for the first time, a face-up is being offered for an additional $35. Two weeks will be added on to production time if you choose to add a face-up. There are five new face molds to choose from--I think Po-Yo and Po-Bi are my two favorites. Co-Mo looks like a tiny version of Momo to me!
Singing Shana

Bebe Kitty Parts are sold separately, and include ears, tail and a pacifier for $30 (for the unpainted set). The pacifier is attached to the doll's lips with putty or clay, and the other pieces with magnets.

While I was looking around, I happened to see two new faces in the Loli menu: Singing Shana and Dizzying Hachi. Maybe they've both been around a while, but they are new since my last visit. I think Hachi is just adorable!
Photos are property of Dollpamm.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

New DollHeart release

There are lots of new goodies for preorder from DollHeart, available for preorder with an August delivery date, something for every BJD collector, I think!

I'm pleased to see the casual collection take off like this. Above, you can see Jacob and Sydney, sized for MSD and similar. They are available separately for $84.90 each or as a set for $169.90.

Above, sized for SD13 and DDM, you can see Shelby ($99.90) and Tyler ($129.90), sized for SD17 Boy/65cm Boys. You can also save a little when you purchase these two as a set for $219.90. 

In the YoSD section, you can also preorder Andrew for $79.90.

And above, you can see Riley for $79.90. Many pieces of the outfits are available separately, too.

As part of the Rainbow Fairy series, Oona is sized for slim MSD and Unoa. It is truly adorable, a fairy a la DollHeart, $89.90.

Cirno is the YoSD size Rainbow fairy, and she's super cute in blue. Her outfit is $79.90. The other two fairies are sized for Azone Pure Neemo.

There is also a new style of outfit available, too--a fantasy cat, I'd call it. Burmese, sized for MSD boy (right) is $84.90. Burmilla, sized for MSD girl, is $84.90. You can save some in purchasing these as a set for $159.90. The outfits include overalls (for Burmese) and a dress (Burmilla) and all accessories, plus a tail, cat ear hat or headband, and paw gloves.

All photos are property of DollHeart.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Volks FCS in now online!

Mini Super Dollfie is the Full choice system that is available August 1-10, 2014. More choices will be available soon, but if you have been waiting, don't delay.

Check it out here.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

New LE Fairy of Color Dlight and Wake Up Dlight from Peak's Woods

Dlight - LE FoC from Peak's Woods
Wake-Up Dlight - LE FoC from Peak's Woods
Two new Fairies of Color are available now from Peak's Woods:

Both are available starting at $550 in normal or white skin. Dolls include a random wig, random color of 16mm glass eyes, 1 pair of cotton cushions, and a certificate of authenticity. (The outfits aren't available.) The dolls have the following additional options:
  • suntan, tropical tan, diamond grey, or grey skin - +$80
  • limited edition face-up - +$80
  • limited edition resin handmade eyes Oskar Jewel Wake up Dlight +$35, and Dlight Enchanted Doll Milky +$50
  • special hand and nail parts +$30 for colored resin, +$25 for normal and white skin
  • hand blushing and nail art in coral or black +$40
  • heel feet +$30 for colored resin and $25 for normal or white skin
These are limited edition sculpts and won't be offered after August 31, 2014. (These won't be offered as a basic.) They are being sold with a normal bust and a split thigh. Layaway is available, but orders placed cannot be cancelled. Deposit for layaway must be at least $200 for any colored resin option (this is a new thing from regular layaway).

You can upgrade your doll to the AB Femme body for an additional $40, but only white or normal skin is available. (I'd suggest you check out Rogita and Rogita Blossom before you do this--I think these girls might be scaled down versions with special face-ups, and Rogita is a pretty good match for a taller doll.)

For all the details, check out Peak's Woods announcement.

Photos are property of Peak's Woods.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Save 10% off Mystic Kids from Junkyspot

Junkyspot is offering 10% off the already low prices of all in-stock Mystic Kids! These dolls are a relatively new company, but have a good reputation, some fantastic face sculpts, and even better prices. If you are looking for a lower priced introductory doll, this might be a good time to dive into the hobby. Junkyspot is a great place for shopping, too! The sale lasts through August 1, 2014.

Monday, June 30, 2014

FOC Lolita special nail hand parts released!

You must think I'm crazy for doing a post just on hand parts (has she been taking her meds?) and yes, I have, in fact! But I love, love, love this hands, and have been hoping they would become part of Peak's Woods general line since the KBJD Show and they were included with Tristan.

They have elegant long nails and just the most beautiful poses. My dolls don't really have jobs. Their day job is to stand around and look pretty, haughty, and demanding. These hands add to their personality so much I can hardly hand it! (Get the pun?)

The fingers are long and elegantly sculpted. I think it's the right hand that has the middle and the ring finger nearly crossed over each other. Oh--and they can wear FR:16 (Tulabelle, Poppy Parker Fashion Teen) size Integrity Toys rings.

The price for un unpainted pair is $25. You can choose normal or white skin. Add $30 if you'd like nail color and blushing. For nail color, you can choose pink, purple, color, or none. Add crystals for $10.

I haven't found out whether these will be a permanent addition to the line as of yet. But just to be on at the safe side--your girl might just need a pair, so don't wait. I asked--and heard that they will be making guest appearances with limited edition dolls at least, if not being permanently added to the line. They haven't quite decided if they will be part of the general line yet.