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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

In a panic...

Oh my goodness, what's a collector to do? I have to confess, I have been having a few sleepless nights and even nightmares after the latest Peak's Woods update. In one recurring theme, I watch my wonderful tan Briana fall on the floor from a high shelf, and watch her nose chip. Of course, after next month, basic Fairies of Color won't be offered for sale. And while I certainly understand the necessity to limit the number of sculpts a company offers at any given time to combine and group orders, I will be sad!

I'd love to add Wake-Up Cue, Yulli, and Vamp Briana to my collection, but I can't see that I'll be able to do this before the end of next month. Perhaps I might be able to choose just one or two more dolls--and possibly buy a blank head--instead. I currently only have Vamp Goldie on order, and I'm very excited about adding her to my collection.

I suppose I should just wait to see what the specials will be--but what if they add new faces? What will I do then?

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  1. Oh Alison, I understand this dilemma completely! I have just been through a similar thing with Fairyland Tans. I do hope we both win Lotto and can solve the lack of funds situation . . . ah a girl can only dream.


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