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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Viyol is on sale at Peak's Woods today!

Good Witch by alington
Good Witch, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Today's summer special at Peak's Woods is the lovely Viyol! I think she is one of the most under-appreciated sculpts, and one of my favorites (if I'm allowed to have favorites). Regularly $580, $464 will get you the 58 cm assembled doll with extra posing hands in normal or white skin, large or normal bust. Peak's Woods orders include a wig and high quality acrylic eyes, also.

Add $60 for a face-up (or $70 for custom make-up--my Viyol has a Glamour version), and if you like, $100 for an additional large torso part. (Why order the torso part now? They pour it at the same time, so the resin will match perfect and yellow at the same rate. It adds a little versatility to your doll, if you're not afraid of restringing.)

It's a great deal. Check out real-life photos of Viyol on Flickr!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Today's special at Peak's Woods: Wake-Up Goldie

Wake-Up Goldie, photo property of Peak's Woods
She's one of their more sultry girls, Wake-Up Goldie, and she's currently on summer special - only today. Instead of her usual $580 retail price, you can order her for just $464. This price includes:
  • the fully assembled 58 cm doll
  • your choice of normal or white skin
  • your choice of normal or large bust
  • random color wig
  • random pair of 16-18 mm eyes
  • extra pair of posing hands
  • cotton cushions
  • certificate of authenticity
Optional add ons:
  • face-up for $60
  • custom or limited face-up for $70 - I'd love to see her in a "Glamour" face-up (scroll all the way down the link to the white resin doll to see what a Glamour face-up looks like on Sky)
  • add a large bust torso piece for $100 (usually $110)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Lady Bee on sale at Peak's Woods!

Lady Bee, photo property of Peak's Woods
Today's summer sale item at Peak's Woods is the lovely Lady Bee! She's just adorable. She stands 42cm (about 16.5") tall, and her price of $280 includes:
  • choice of normal or white skin resin assembled BJD
  • choice of normal or large bust 
  • pair of random color 16 mm eyes
  • extra pose hand parts
  • pair of cotton cushions
  • certificate of authenticity
You can add a face-up for $60 or custom face-up for $70 more. She's just a cute little thing!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

BJD "experts" can get frustrated with dolls, too.

Elfdoll Olivia. Sweet sleepy BJD. Tiny terror of a doll to restring.
Quick. Someone take this gorgeous sweet doll out of my hands before I run her over with my Ford Flex.

It's living proof that even the "experts" can be terrorized by dolls the wrong size as well. Well, I wouldn't say the "wrong size," necessarily. I had all the right tools, all the right stuff to restring her. She had been in pieces for months--in her little plastic baggie. A project started, waiting to be completed. Guys, let me tell you. It's a miracle that book was ever finished. I'm a great idea person. I'm not what you'd call a "finisher." I'm always more comfortable with lots of ideas roasting on the fire. It makes me uncomfortable to actually finish a project.

It had been long enough. I thought, Hell, I wrote the book. She's little. (14cm, to be exact. That's 5.5 inches, to you Americans.) I'm bigger than she is, and I've had four kids. I'm a smart woman. Definitely smarter than a piece of plastic. And while I may use a lot more punctuation than a piece of resin (not just your ordinary plastic, mind you), I sure as sh#t am smarter, if you'll pardon my French.

At any rate, it took me six hours to restring Olivia. She's so sweet and innocent looking. Look at her adorable face. In fact, check out my listing for her at a bargain price on the DollPage or Den of Angels. She's so cute. I sanded her down, lovingly gave her a manicure, and tried to get the green staining off her hands that she had when I first got her. (Call me Lady MacBeth. I may have succeeded, but it's all I can see.)

After restringing--you use beading string, the stretchy kind that won't hold a knot--I also put pipe cleaners in her legs and hips to help her stand on her own, if you're patient. She's really cute. But there's only so much time I can spend on a doll till I get very bad feelings about her. And unfortunately, that time was maxed on this poor little thing. I was ready to throw her out the window, into my parents' pool, or run her over with the car by the time I was finished. And my "legal chill pill" didn't help. All the punctuation in the world wouldn't help me now.

She's such a cute doll, though. I almost feel bad for her. She's like an SD-sized doll for my SD-sized dolls. And she is out to get me.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A note to new BJD collectors

DollHeart's Little Alice set, photo property of DollHeart
I'd like to write a little note to the new BJD collectors I've recently introduced to these wonderful dolls, and give you a gentle word of advice. The past week, I've been scouring Den of Angels and the Resin Café marketplace forums to find myself a Lati Yellow sized doll--a size I don't currently have in my collection. I love Miel's face, actually (she's in the bunny ears).

"But I thought you were a Peak's Woods fan, Alison!"

I am. I asked at Peak's Woods' Q&A board to see if there might be plans in the works to make a doll of this size first, of course. (There isn't, so far, unfortunately.)

But I love these little Alice outfits. Technically, DollHeart calls them, "Little Alice in the Wonderland." I haven't decided whether I need the pink or blue, or maybe the set. Probably the set. Then I will have outfits for her. (You simply must check out DollHeart's Lati selection!)

OK. So my advice to you new BJD collectors: never buy an outfit for a doll you do not own. This is a bad way to go. First, what if you get the doll, and you don't really like her? It's always better to see the doll in person first, and decide whether you want to try a new scale. Then, if you like the size, budget for the doll and buy it. Only then invest in a wardrobe.

For goodness' sake, I wrote the book! Can't I follow my own advice? LOL!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wake-Up Lottie and Yeru the Soul are on sale at Peak's Woods!

Yeru the Soul

Wake-Up Lottie
Two of my favorite Peak's Woods BJDs, Yeru the Soul and Wake-Up Lottie, are on sale today from Peak's Woods. Both sculpts are "wake-up" versions, which means their eyes are partly closed.

Instead of $580 retail, they are listed at $464.00. If you'd like a face up (which I highly recommend), it's an addition $60, or $70 for custom or special requests.

This includes:

  • an assembled 58 cm (22.5") resin ABJD
  • an extra pair of posing hands
  • a pair of eyes, in a random color
  • a wig, also random in color
  • cushions
  • certificate of authenticity
Photos property of Peak's Woods.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

BJDs for Beginners - autographed copies available

Have you been waiting for a new sale for the book, Ball-Jointed Dolls for Beginners? Now's the time!

Free shipping on US orders, and only $30.00 will get you an autographed copy, personalized with your name if you specify what you'd like in the notes, now available on eBay.

International orders are welcome, too, and they will ship either first class or priority. Feel free to contact me if you've got any questions!

The books are in stock here, and I will ship within 2 business days of receiving payment. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New BJD from Peak's Woods!

KoonieS, Fairy of Spider, new Fairy of Bugs sculpt by Peak's Woods.

While I was away at IFDC, Peak's Woods released a new doll: KoonieS, a Fairy of Bugs resin BJD, who stands 42 cm (about 16.5"). She is a Fairy of Spiders, and she is adorable!

Her current list price is $315, and she is available with the following options:
  • normal or white skin
  • normal (flat or young girl) or large bust
  • extra hand parts
  • random 14mm eyes
  • optional basic make-up ($60) or special gothic style make-up ($80)
  • optional extra head $120 (you can add regular or special makeup to this head for the prices listed above)
  • limited edition outfit shown ($60)
  • boots shown ($36.90)
I don't see a wig included, so that may be extra. She reminds me a lot of a miniature Lavin or Lottie--like a younger sister to those dolls. Cute!

KoonieS, special gothic make-up

KoonieS, regular make-up
All photos are property of Peak's Woods.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Wizard of Oddz

Wizard of Oddz by alington
Wizard of Oddz, a photo by alington on Flickr.
This was my entry for the Wizard of Oddz convention at IFDC in Las Vegas this year - Are you a GaGaGood Witch or a BaRaBad Witch?

Peak's Woods Viyol, white skin with a Glamour face-up, is in the back, and Sonja (white skin Wake-Up Goldie, Val Zeitler/Haute Doll special edition) is seated in front. The shoes parts are by Peapod Dolls, wigs by DollHeart, eyes by Mint on Card, and "outfits" by me.

Sonja's broom is about to become a cat toy. My kitties can hardly wait!

Viyol as Glinda
Sonja as the Wicked Witch

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Iplehouse resin hook issue

April Doll Meet by alington
April Doll Meet, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Am I biased against all dolls except Peak's Woods? Of course not. However, I do mention something about resin hooks in the Doll Emergencies section of my book. Iplehouse dolls are one of the companies (JollyPlus has them, too) who string their BJDs' feet with resin hooks.

This can be both a good and a bad thing. Here's why:

Good: Resin hooks look nice. They are hidden in the foot part, and the same color as the foot. There is less of a chance of "flashing," which is when the doll shows its elastic or wiring. Iplehouse has some of the best engineered dolls on the market when it comes to non-flashing dolls. The joints are flanged and attractive, so the elastic never shows. Since no wire is used, there is nothing wire to flash. In truth, they are fantastic dolls.

The not-so-good: The elastic string used in a doll is held taut. The loop that holds the arms in place isn't the problem--that one doesn't hold as much tension as the one the doll needs to stand. The second loop, which is a loop folded in half, holds about half the pressure at the neck joint (at the S-hook) and the other half of the pressure at each ankle joint. It's strung tightly enough so the doll will stand straight and independently. When the elastic attaches directly to the resin, there is a lot of pressure on the delicate resin.

What I have seen (on three JID and one EID) is that a foot might get stuck in a boot. The owner uses gentle pressure to remove the boot, and snap! Suddenly, the foot comes off with the boot. The elastic zips up into the lower leg, along with the resin hook, and stays there. The problem is easy enough to fix:

  1. Buy a new foot from Iplehouse.
  2. Pull the elastic out of the lower leg.
  3. Thread a pipe cleaner through the elastic loop and re-thread the lower leg.
  4. Hook the new foot back in place.
It's just that the problem is common and inconvenient. When you have a wire connecting the foot to the elastic, you have just a little relief in the pressure on the resin. You may have some flashing--but you'll have less of a chance to break the foot.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Peak's Woods summer event

Peak's Woods is having a summer event!

From July 1 through August 31, one random item will be listed at 10% off every day (not including weekends), including dolls, parts, clothing and wigs. Lots of surprises will be listed as well.

The first 10% off item listed yesterday is still available, Fairy of Bugs Wake-Up Lady Bee Romantic Elf, listed for $280, or $340 with a face-up. Don't wait--this item won't last forever.

Don't forget--Peak's Woods offers lay-away!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

French manicure preview

®All rights reserved.
®All rights reserved.
I'm pleased to be able to preview pages 91-92 from the book, Ball-Jointed Dolls for Beginners. We teach you a simple way (really--it's simple!) to give your resin BJD a French manicure, using watercolor pencils and Liquitex gloss varnish. It's really easy to do, and even if you can't draw or paint, you will be able to have amazing results when you're finished.

Personally, my hands shake pretty badly, so I am not very good at drawing or painting (or coloring in the lines); but even I can do a manicure.

If this looks like something you can do, consider buying a copy of my book. About half of the book is filled with techniques like these that show you short cuts on how you, too, can customize your doll.

Through the end of July, use the code FAKRYNLB at checkout and get free standard US shipping (or a $3.59 credit toward shipping) on your order.