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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wake-Up Lottie and Yeru the Soul are on sale at Peak's Woods!

Yeru the Soul

Wake-Up Lottie
Two of my favorite Peak's Woods BJDs, Yeru the Soul and Wake-Up Lottie, are on sale today from Peak's Woods. Both sculpts are "wake-up" versions, which means their eyes are partly closed.

Instead of $580 retail, they are listed at $464.00. If you'd like a face up (which I highly recommend), it's an addition $60, or $70 for custom or special requests.

This includes:

  • an assembled 58 cm (22.5") resin ABJD
  • an extra pair of posing hands
  • a pair of eyes, in a random color
  • a wig, also random in color
  • cushions
  • certificate of authenticity
Photos property of Peak's Woods.

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