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Saturday, July 23, 2011

BJD "experts" can get frustrated with dolls, too.

Elfdoll Olivia. Sweet sleepy BJD. Tiny terror of a doll to restring.
Quick. Someone take this gorgeous sweet doll out of my hands before I run her over with my Ford Flex.

It's living proof that even the "experts" can be terrorized by dolls the wrong size as well. Well, I wouldn't say the "wrong size," necessarily. I had all the right tools, all the right stuff to restring her. She had been in pieces for months--in her little plastic baggie. A project started, waiting to be completed. Guys, let me tell you. It's a miracle that book was ever finished. I'm a great idea person. I'm not what you'd call a "finisher." I'm always more comfortable with lots of ideas roasting on the fire. It makes me uncomfortable to actually finish a project.

It had been long enough. I thought, Hell, I wrote the book. She's little. (14cm, to be exact. That's 5.5 inches, to you Americans.) I'm bigger than she is, and I've had four kids. I'm a smart woman. Definitely smarter than a piece of plastic. And while I may use a lot more punctuation than a piece of resin (not just your ordinary plastic, mind you), I sure as sh#t am smarter, if you'll pardon my French.

At any rate, it took me six hours to restring Olivia. She's so sweet and innocent looking. Look at her adorable face. In fact, check out my listing for her at a bargain price on the DollPage or Den of Angels. She's so cute. I sanded her down, lovingly gave her a manicure, and tried to get the green staining off her hands that she had when I first got her. (Call me Lady MacBeth. I may have succeeded, but it's all I can see.)

After restringing--you use beading string, the stretchy kind that won't hold a knot--I also put pipe cleaners in her legs and hips to help her stand on her own, if you're patient. She's really cute. But there's only so much time I can spend on a doll till I get very bad feelings about her. And unfortunately, that time was maxed on this poor little thing. I was ready to throw her out the window, into my parents' pool, or run her over with the car by the time I was finished. And my "legal chill pill" didn't help. All the punctuation in the world wouldn't help me now.

She's such a cute doll, though. I almost feel bad for her. She's like an SD-sized doll for my SD-sized dolls. And she is out to get me.

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