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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Today's special at Peak's Woods: Wake-Up Goldie

Wake-Up Goldie, photo property of Peak's Woods
She's one of their more sultry girls, Wake-Up Goldie, and she's currently on summer special - only today. Instead of her usual $580 retail price, you can order her for just $464. This price includes:
  • the fully assembled 58 cm doll
  • your choice of normal or white skin
  • your choice of normal or large bust
  • random color wig
  • random pair of 16-18 mm eyes
  • extra pair of posing hands
  • cotton cushions
  • certificate of authenticity
Optional add ons:
  • face-up for $60
  • custom or limited face-up for $70 - I'd love to see her in a "Glamour" face-up (scroll all the way down the link to the white resin doll to see what a Glamour face-up looks like on Sky)
  • add a large bust torso piece for $100 (usually $110)

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