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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New BJD from Peak's Woods!

KoonieS, Fairy of Spider, new Fairy of Bugs sculpt by Peak's Woods.

While I was away at IFDC, Peak's Woods released a new doll: KoonieS, a Fairy of Bugs resin BJD, who stands 42 cm (about 16.5"). She is a Fairy of Spiders, and she is adorable!

Her current list price is $315, and she is available with the following options:
  • normal or white skin
  • normal (flat or young girl) or large bust
  • extra hand parts
  • random 14mm eyes
  • optional basic make-up ($60) or special gothic style make-up ($80)
  • optional extra head $120 (you can add regular or special makeup to this head for the prices listed above)
  • limited edition outfit shown ($60)
  • boots shown ($36.90)
I don't see a wig included, so that may be extra. She reminds me a lot of a miniature Lavin or Lottie--like a younger sister to those dolls. Cute!

KoonieS, special gothic make-up

KoonieS, regular make-up
All photos are property of Peak's Woods.

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