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Friday, May 30, 2014

Monthly Fairy Bow Jjang on the loose

Bow Jjang

The lovely Bow Jjang by Peak's Woods is trying out a new hand today. I strung on a tiny new pointing finger hand, which I ordered with her last year. It's super cute, and surprisingly, it wasn't too hard to use.

The trick, I have found, is putting both hands on at the same time. Here's my technique:

First, I put a thick needle in through the loop at the end of her wrist. Next, I string the special hand through the loop, keeping the original hand in place. Then, I remove the original hand, when I'm sure the special hand is secure. After double-checking that her new hand is secure, often pinching the tiny S-hook closed, I'll remove the needle. That's it! Now she can point!

Doesn't she look like a tiny tattle tale? You can see some additional photos on Flickr, though I will add one more closeup below.

Bow Jjang

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Volks event - coming soon!

Save the date for the following Volks special event:
June Special Event! 
6/1/2014 @ 11:00AM PST - 6/8/2014 @ 6:00PM PST 
Good news everyone!
Due to the support and positive reception of the new VOLKS USA web-store:
We will be offering the following dolls on our VOLKS USA web-store from June 1st through June 8th!
  • YoSDG Rinon
  • YoSDG Elena
  • YoSDB Kanata
  • SDGrG Shizu 
  • SDGrG Tae
  • SDGrB Hajime Saito
  • SDGou Isami Kondou
This is a special occassion for us to show our customers our appreciation!

Dolls will be sold on a first come first serve basis.
Thank you everyone for your support of VOLKS USA!
If you're a fan--or even if you aren't--you may want to check this out and add this date to your calendar! I see on their website that they will be launching their online Full Choice System soon!

Time out with Aria


Here's another photo from yesterday's time out. This is SID Aria, also by Iplehouse. I think she's quite lovely--she has a face up by Iplehouse as well. I forget who made her corset, but her skirt is by MegannArt. She's wearing a wig by MegannArt.

See some additional photos on Flickr.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mari by Iplehouse


I was working on my book today--finally!--and I found I needed a few additional photos. I'm far from finished with the photography, and the work is going ever so slowly, so I thought I'd take another break and do a quick photo-share on the blog.

I'm not sure what it is--well, actually, I do know--but I haven't been able to move along with the sequel to BJDs for Beginners as quickly as I'd like. I've been wasting time on a couple "confessions" Tumblr blogs, and while it's sure entertaining, I don't think it's very encouraging--especially not for the part of me that needs to be enthusiastic enough to get a book finished.

This is Mari, a CDS doll from Iplehouse. She's on a peach skin tone nYID body--by far my favorite body type--and she has makeup Type C with pierced ears. I think she's simply gorgeous.

You can see a few more photos of her on Flickr.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Yeru the Soul in Little Moda

Yeru in Little Moda

So exactly how many outfits did I purchase from Little Moda? Yeru the Soul is modeling the last one in this set on Flickr, as well as a wig from Licht and DollHeart shoes.

The set includes a burgundy knit cardigan, zip front halter dress, and a pair of black stockings. I have a blue version as well, from an earlier order. I'm really fond of this designer--I think the quality is quite good and the designs are cute.

This outfit is sized for SD16 girls, so it's a bit big for Yeru, who is about SD13 size. She wears it well just the same.

Yeru in Little Moda

Friday, May 23, 2014

Camelia in Little Moda


Rosette Camelia (Soom) also gets to model a new outfit by Little Moda. She's wearing a DollHeart wig here, and her face-up is by 16-Bit Face-ups. The outfit includes a dress, beret, and knee socks.

While it's sized for Unoa, Miss Camelia can wear it quite well, though it's just a bit loose in the top.


Here's a closeup of her adorable little face:


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Minifee Ante in Little Moda and Licht

Minifee M-Line Ante (Flower Garden version) finally got to spend some time in the spotlight with a new outfit from Little Moda. I discovered this company from Thailand on Etsy not too long ago, and I'm impressed with their attention to detail.

This outfit is sized for Unoa, and fits Ante pretty well. It includes a sleeveless navy dress with pink polkadots, featuring some cute pin tuck  detail in the bodice and a snap closure. I've accented the dress with a ribbon belt from another outfit by MegannArt.

The mint cardigan has working pockets and delicate lace trim which is perfectly to scale. The pink tights add just a bit of texture to the outfit and give it a little more versatility as well.

Ante is wearing a wig by Licht and boots from DollHeart.

You can see additional photos on Flickr.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Support the Korean BJD Show - sign a petition!

I just had the pleasure of attending the Korean BJD Show at the end of April, and it was a blast. There's a petition you can sign (and I just signed it!) if you're interested in having the convention next year. The goal is 500 signatures, and as of this post, there are only 36 signatures. I figured I'd better share the petition.

It's rare to have an international BJD convention so close to San Diego. I was so fortunate to be able to meet some of my favorite companies--including Peak's Woods--in person. So support the artists (and me!) by signing this petition, and plan to attend next year!

Thanks for your consideration!

Peak's Woods Dandy update

There has been a slight delay in Peak's Woods Dandy (Fairy of Color boy) body--the release has been pushed back till next week (Monday, May 26), instead of tomorrow, May 21.

However, you can see details of the new body body here, as well as preview shots of the latest boy head, Dandy Tristan. The body will retail for $510. His arms are double-jointed and his legs are single jointed. His measurements are fairly close to Volks SD13 boy and follow:

Height : 61cm(including head)
Girth of neck : 10cm
Width of shoulders : 13cm
Girth of chest : 22.5cm
Girth of waist : 18cm
Girth of pelvis : 22.5cm
Girth of hips : 26cm
Girth of thigh : 14.5cm
Length of arm : 19cm (without hands)
Length of leg : 34cm
Length of foot : 7.5cm

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Finding the right wig

Rabbit Goon

Sometimes finding the right wig for a doll makes all the difference. Who'd have thought--Mr. Rabbit Goon (Peak's Woods Fairy of Fairytales) only needed to be blonde? I think he's simply adorable in this shade!

I'm pretty sure this is a DollHeart wig, which, as far as wigs go, is on the pricier side of wigs. On the other hand, as with a lot of things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to wigs, and this one is no exception. I think he is quite a handsome chap! He looks like a sun-kissed elf with his new blond 'do.

He's wearing John Darling, a DollHeart outfit sized for YoSD dolls. See a few more photos on Flickr.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Peak's Woods update!

Save the following dates for your reference for upcoming event from Peak's Woods:

May 21-31 (eleven days):

  • Fairy of Color Dandy (boy), body, clothing, shoes and wigs will be in stock
  • LE Segi Twins are available for preorder with a 10% discount on orders paid in full, no lay-away available
June 1-10 (ten days):
  • LE Segi Twins available for order at full price, lay-away is available
  • FoC Dandy Basic boys available with a 10% discount, no lay-away available
June 10-30 (twenty days):
July 1-August 31:
These dates are flexible and might be changed.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Casual clothing from DollHeart - just lovely!

Olivia, DM-000006
Lots of new stuff is available from DollHeart and their dealers, and I am delighted with the selection of lovely casual clothing. There is a new line, called D2 Casual Wear, which includes both single pieces and sets, for reasonable prices.

Above, you can see Olivia, available for preorder for $79.90. Sized for Dollfie Dream medium bust, this set includes the hat, top, fur collar, coat, pleated skirt, socks and panties. Super cute--I wonder if it would fit any of my current girls? (Did you know I can find out here--right on DollHeart's website--which clothing will fit my doll? They have posted a measurements guide online. It's very convenient!)

Lauren, YD-000182
Next, there's Lauren, sized for YoSD girls. Another adorable casual outfit, this set includes the hat, bubble shorts, socks, ruffled shirt, denim jacket, scarf and bag.

One of my favorite pieces from May's preorder collection is this lovely one-piece dress. Here, you can see it on Luts Ani, sized for MSD. It's $32.90 in this size. Only the dress is included, as this is one of the separates available.

This dress can also be ordered for SD10/13 girls, so you can have twins! I think it's simply adorable. It's $34.90, and available for preorder now.

The same dress is also available for Dollfie Dream Dynamite girls. The price is $34.90. Check out the rest of DDY casual separates available for styling this piece here.

Mia, WD-000002
A new size for DollHeart, Mini Dollfie Dream, and their first outfit, Mia, is sure to be a success! I've checked her measurements, and she seems to be between MSD and Unoa. This outfit is $69.90 and includes the dress, cardigan, chain necklace, and socks. All the pieces (well, maybe not the socks) are available for purchase separately as well.

A few sneak peeks - Melissa is not yet available for preorder, and price has not yet been determined, but wow--it's cute! Sized for SD10/13 girl, this set includes the hat, coat, socks, belt, woven shirt, gold knit sweater and denim shorts. I've already got those shoes, and I think I see this outfit in my near future! The pieces are listed separately as well.

Another fun one-piece dress has been sneaked on DollHeart's site as well. This black number is being sold as a separate, also for SD10/13 girls, with no release date or price available at this time.

Isabella YD-000150 and Noah YD-000149
No DollHeart post is complete without something fantasy, and Isabella and Noah definitely fit the bill. No release date or price, and the pieces are being offered separately. Outfits are sized for YoSD. 

Isabella includes a pink eared hat, furry neck collar, one-piece, bloomers, socks, necklace, and a pair of bracelets. Noah includes a shirt, vest, shorts, grey bunny ears, and neck accessory. My guess is that the outfits without prices will be available for preorder in June. Eeek--they are so cute!

The photos are property of DollHeart.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

New! Segi twins from Peak's Woods!

Sculpted by KyungMin Lee, with limited edition make-up (including freckles!) by Dhar, there ae two new dolls coming soon!

First is the FoC Segi Twin, girl version. While I adore her red wig and bright blue eyes, it looks like she actually includes a random wig and eyes. You can choose her skin color (white or normal), and bust size (normal or small).

The base price of $567 includes a face-up, and is available May 21-31, when you pay in full. The discount isn't offered when you use lay-away.
After June 1-June 10 (or with lay-away), her base price is $620.
Special hands and feet are an additional $25 per pair.
The uniform adds $159, and includes a jacket, V-neck sweater, lined shirt, skirt, crest, bow tie, and black knee socks. Shoes are not included.

Next, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that the second FoC Twin Segi is a boy! He uses the new Dandy body, and you choose normal or white skin. He includes a random wig and eyes, too.

The base price of $603 includes a face-up, also with freckles, and is available May 21-31, when you pay in full. The discount isn't offered when you use lay-away. (Interestingly--his face-up doesn't include eyelashes. I didn't even notice he didn't have on eyelashes at the show.)
After June 1-June 10 (or with lay-away), his base price is $670.
The uniform adds $148, and includes a jacket, V-neck vest, basic shirt, trousers, crest, and necktie. Shoes are not included.

His height is 61cm, with measurements following soon.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cosmo - Peak's Woods new large boy!

Cosmo and Skiya

Cosmo is making himself at home. He's fitting right in, and making friends with Skiya. You can see more photos of him on Flickr.

Plus--check out Peak's Woods home page! There is a sneak peek up there today of the two limited edition Segi twins, coming soon!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Migidoll at the KBJD Show

Migi Doll

Migidoll's booth at the Korean BJD Show - it was my first time seeing these cuties in person. This husband and wife team makes up the former Cherish Doll company, offering adorable tinies and expressive large sculpts, and wow, are they amazing!

Good prices, too, and very nice dolls. Check out this guy's little smirk, and see more photos on Flickr.

Migi Doll

They are selling a new girl, Jean, in collaboration with Sadol. The girl is on Sadol's fabulous Honey63 body. I love her, too. She has a high heel leg option, similar to a Volks SDGr body, which I think is super sexy. Jean's full set is limited to only 20, and her base price is only $500.

Migi Doll