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Thursday, July 31, 2014

New LE Fairy of Color Dlight and Wake Up Dlight from Peak's Woods

Dlight - LE FoC from Peak's Woods
Wake-Up Dlight - LE FoC from Peak's Woods
Two new Fairies of Color are available now from Peak's Woods:

Both are available starting at $550 in normal or white skin. Dolls include a random wig, random color of 16mm glass eyes, 1 pair of cotton cushions, and a certificate of authenticity. (The outfits aren't available.) The dolls have the following additional options:
  • suntan, tropical tan, diamond grey, or grey skin - +$80
  • limited edition face-up - +$80
  • limited edition resin handmade eyes Oskar Jewel Wake up Dlight +$35, and Dlight Enchanted Doll Milky +$50
  • special hand and nail parts +$30 for colored resin, +$25 for normal and white skin
  • hand blushing and nail art in coral or black +$40
  • heel feet +$30 for colored resin and $25 for normal or white skin
These are limited edition sculpts and won't be offered after August 31, 2014. (These won't be offered as a basic.) They are being sold with a normal bust and a split thigh. Layaway is available, but orders placed cannot be cancelled. Deposit for layaway must be at least $200 for any colored resin option (this is a new thing from regular layaway).

You can upgrade your doll to the AB Femme body for an additional $40, but only white or normal skin is available. (I'd suggest you check out Rogita and Rogita Blossom before you do this--I think these girls might be scaled down versions with special face-ups, and Rogita is a pretty good match for a taller doll.)

For all the details, check out Peak's Woods announcement.

Photos are property of Peak's Woods.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Save 10% off Mystic Kids from Junkyspot

Junkyspot is offering 10% off the already low prices of all in-stock Mystic Kids! These dolls are a relatively new company, but have a good reputation, some fantastic face sculpts, and even better prices. If you are looking for a lower priced introductory doll, this might be a good time to dive into the hobby. Junkyspot is a great place for shopping, too! The sale lasts through August 1, 2014.