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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Amelia Thimble - end of edition specials

Cute As A Button Amelia Thimble

End of edition specials have been posted (for the first time) at Wilde Imagination for Amelia Thimble. You can pick up A Sweet Notion outfit set for $68 (regular $80) or Cute As A Button full set BJD for $136 (regular $160).

When you use the promo code AMELIA at check out, you get free shipping on each of these items though April 10, 2012. International customers, email your order number with the subject AMELIA, and include your name as well for a $9.95 shipping credit.

Photo property of Wilde Imagination.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Iplehouse new YID releases, Erica and Emilia

Emilia, new YID by Iplehouse
Wow--if I had a money tree, these two new sisters from Iplehouse have my name all over them. They are simply gorgeous. Available as limited edition dolls through April 15, you can custom order these gorgeous girls as follows:

Base price is $581for the 60cm resin BJD, normal skin. Peach Gold is $610 and Special Real is $638. 14mm eyes (random in color) and extra high heel feet are included. This includes general type thigh joints. Add $20 for a mobility joint. You can choose the breast size: medium, large or glamour (no extra charge).

Three make-up styles are offered at an additional $70.

The outfit (available in blue or pink, your choice) is available for an additional $259. When you purchase the outfit, Iplehouse will pierce your doll's ears for no additional cost. Plus, the corset will be custom fit to your doll. You may also buy both outfits.

There are two wigs you may purchase at $28, and you may additionally choose two hair accessories for and additional $5 or $8.

Shoes are also available for $35 per pair.

Let's see... if I had my "druthers"... I think Emilia in Special Real Skin, make up type C, with the blue dress, wig type B. So hard to choose!

Photos property of Iplehouse.
Erica, new YID by Iplehouse

New DollHeart items available for preorder

Dania and Sabastian, YOSD outfits by DollHeart 
Darby, Lati outfit
Several new items are available for preorder from DollHeart, including two new Dollfie Dreams outfits (Miya and Jaylene) two new YOSD outfits (Dania and Sabastian), eight new Lati Yellow outfits (Jarvis, Odalys, Trystan, Darby, Black Rabbit Ace (version 1 Lati and version 2), and Red Rabbit Ace (version 1 and version 2).

There are lots of set prices available, plus new wigs and boots available, too, with many delivery times set for April.

Photos property of DollHeart.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dollmore Lukia Sky/Peak's Woods FOB hybrid

More hybrids in progress... this is my Dollmore Lukia head on a Peak's Woods Fairy of Bugs body. The resin is a pretty good match, especially since the PW body is a little older.

She is wearing the DollHeart dress Strawberry Garden, and also stockings, necklace, boots and wig by DollHeart (all from a Fukuburo). You can see my Viyol (PW) hybrid in the background in the turquoise wig, and also Yeru the Soul, both in Val Zeitler outfits.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New BJD at Peak's Woods!

Mia de Butterfly, Peak's Woods new Fairy of Bugs BJD
Peak's Woods has released a new basic Fairy of Bugs BJD today, Mia de Butterfly. She is simply adorable--she stands 42cm tall, or a little over 16", and is available in white or normal resin. She includes eyes and extra hands, but her wig is extra. She is $315, with $60 additional for a face-up.

I think this girl is extra special because of her super-soft sculpted chin, full cheeks, and widely spaced eyes. She reminds me of Sky, my first Peak's Woods girl, only a smaller and younger version.

And I have to say, the photographer over there is having way too much fun with these photo shoots!