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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Doll Chateau Queena

Doll Chateau Queena by alington
Doll Chateau Queena, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Wow, oh wow.

The lovely full-set Queena by Doll Chateau has made her arrival, and I think she's simply stunning.

She is in the pink skin tone, and has a very unique company face-up. She includes pink glass eyes, which I may change to something darker.

Her body is the new Doll Chateau Kid size, and includes a neck extension, plus extra long and strange wrist and ankle joints. I love the willowy shape of her body, and she poses very well.

Her outfit is pretty crazy--she includes a feather head cap, swan hat, blouse, tunic, striped tights and a huge feathered duck-bottom shorts.

You can see additional photos--and more of my new blue background--on Flickr.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Tan Yeru

Tan Yeru by alington
Tan Yeru, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Hooray! It's Honey Queen Tanned Yeru--home to me at last. I'm thrilled to have added her to my Peak's Woods collection.

She was a limited edition BJD from August 2008, and I have wanted her since she first went on sale. I'm so happy to have her found her on the secondary market.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Iplehouse sale

Monopoly, offered at $28.80, a 40% discount
Through February 12, 2013, Iplehouse is having a clothing sale for EID dolls (70cm) , offering items from a 5-60% discount. The sale is a clearance sale and limited to items on hand, and not every item is on sale.

This is a link to the men's fashions, and here is a link to the women's fashions.

Additionally, you can take advantage of a 5% discount on EID dolls as well.

Photos property of Iplehouse.

Edelweiss, offered at $34.30, a 30% discount

LE Gowns available from Peak's Woods

The Glamour dress is available in blue (shown above) for $210 or also in a pink version for $225. You can add the shoes for $32.90. The gowns are created by Atelier Soda.

Both versions include:

  • Outer cotton silk gown
  • Cotton silk corset
  • Inner white cotton dress
  • Cotton silk dress
  • Cotton trousers
  • Pannier (to retain the shape of the dress)
  • Stockings
  • Ribbon choker (ribbon tied around the neck)
  • Gloves
These gowns were originally offered as part of limited edition dolls, and Peak's Woods has made them available again. At the time, I ordered tan Briana, but skipped the gown. Now that I see them again, however, I am reminded of their loveliness!

Additionally, check out some of the other gowns in stock. There are some great sale prices on some of them. New wigs are also available, and being offered at a discount for a limited time.

Photos are property of Peak's Woods.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Morimoth as Alice

Morimoth as Alice by alington
Morimoth as Alice, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Don't I keep saying I'm "over" Alice?

As if that will ever happen! This is Peak's Woods normal skin Morimoth, making her appearance in DollHeart's wonderful outfit called Alice 2012. It's just adorable--the details are simply fantastic.

Her wig is by Leeke, and her boots also by DollHeart.

You can see a few more photos on Flickr.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lady Bee in Toy Clown

Lady Bee in Toy Clown by alington
Lady Bee in Toy Clown, a photo by alington on Flickr.
DollHeart - oh me, oh my! Happy Birthday to me!

I'm such a spoiled girl, and so are my dolls. This is Lady Bee (Peak's Woods Fairy of Bugs, about MSD sized), face-up by Beesou of Overnight Flight, wig by Peak's Woods. She's dressed in Toy Clown by DollHeart.

Did you know: if you're a Player's Club member with Still Plays with Dolls, you can get 50% off of one item when you purchase one item during the month of your birthday?

So much fun! And I think I may have to dye my own hair this color next time. I love, love, love this color combination.

See a few more photos on Flickr.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Limited edition Alice in Wonderland outfits are available again from Peak's Woods

Alice in Wickedland outfit
Back by popular demand, three limited edition outfits have been re-released by Peak's Woods. Designed for the Fairy of Fairytales (YoSD) size BJD, these adorable outfits are $99 each. There are three available:

  • Alice in Wickedland - dress, drawers, pinafore, knee socks, hair pin
  • Cheshire Goon - pants, sleeveless shirt, jacket, knee socks, cat's tail
  • Rabbit Goon - pants - sleeveless shirt, cape jacket, ruff, knee socks, necklace, rabbit's tail

Wig, shoes and hat are not included. Photos are property of Peak's Woods.

Cheshire Goon outfit

Rabbit Goon outfit

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's a boy!

Punky Beetle by alington
Punky Beetle, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Ok, BJD fans, it's time to play the lottery. The day has come--it's a cold day, as they say.

It's a boy--in my BJD collection!

Meet adorable Punky Beetle! He's a normal skin boy, Fairy of Bugs, by Peak's Woods, 42 cm tall, and he's super cute!

Here, he's dressed in Rabbit Fantasia by Dollheart. Wig and shoes are also by Dollheart.

You can see more photos on Flickr.

Monday, January 7, 2013


Viyol by alington
Viyol, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Some of my girls don't get enough camera time, I realize. I'm hoping to change that this year.

This is lovely Viyol by Peak's Woods. She's a Dollmore Zaoll hybrid. Here, she's wearing a DollHeart wig, Glib acrylic eyes (I think) and a fashion by Jennygrey.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Peak's Woods is available from Denver Doll Emporium again!

Wake-Up Cue by alington
Wake-Up Cue, a photo by alington on Flickr.
I'm thrilled to announce that Denver Doll Emporium will be carrying Peak's Woods dolls again. I'm at once both thrilled and a little fearful to make this announcement, as I'm afraid to hear that there may be a dealer with in-stock dolls!

Seriously, however--while I can't recommend Peak's Woods customer service highly enough when you order directly, it's very convenient and super easy to order BJDs from a dealer. And you can often save on shipping costs. Plus, it's way less intimidating when you're new to the BJD world.

I'm so happy to hear Denver Doll will be carrying this line again. Absolutely thrilled!

My husband wasn't nearly so enthusiastic. ;) (Did you know I bought my very first ABJD from Denver Doll, and she was a Peak's Woods Sky?)

In celebration, I redressed several of my girls today and started somewhat of a doll-play frenzy. Above is Wake-Up Cue on an Absolute Beauty Femme body. She's dressed in Platinum Luxury by Tonner Doll (for American Model). You can see more photos on Flickr.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Peak's Woods New Year's Event!

The New Year's Event has been announced by Peak's Woods, and it is indeed a resculpted Wake-Up Lottie. Her eyes have been enlarged and widened.

For a limited time - from January 4 through January 14 - you will be able to receive free shipping on this lovely doll.

This doll will be for sale for one month - her head alone, on a Fairy of Color body or a Absolute Beauty body, blank or with two face-up options - Red Shadow (above) or Blue Clown.

Wake-Up Lottie is the first in the "Redesigned Fairies" Line of 2013. I can't wait!

Images property of Peak's Woods.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another new sneak from Peak's Woods

Happy new year, dear BJD enthusiasts!

Eeek! I can see some differences with Peak's Woods latest home page photo. I think her eyes have been slightly reshaped--more of a curved opening, with a little more lid definition.

Also, I am really getting a kick out of these latest photos--and someone over there is having a great time with these photos! How cute!

Photo is property of Peak's Woods.