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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Update on 3rd annual San Diego BJD convention

San Diego BJD Convention
Supernatural Orleans
November 5, 2011
Marina Village
Terrace Room
1936 Quivira Way
San Diego, CA  92109

Please come! Introduce yourself to me. I'll be there with dark brown (or black) and turquoise or blue hair. And the Peak's Woods dolls. Or ask JennyGrey (she'll be selling) who I am, and she will point me out.

Check out the website for more information, directions and a schedule. This is a great opportunity to get connected to other collectors, see more dolls, buy some outfits (they will have something for everyone), wigs, shoes, and maybe some eyes and there will be a resin BJD dealer there, too. Plus it's only $10 at the door.

For more on the theme, this is what I found on the website:
This year's theme is 'Supernatural Orleans', a tribute to vampires, zombies, voodoo, witches, and all things eerie and magical.  There will be doll costume contests, games, prizes, and raffles, plus refreshing drinks along with many of your favorite dealers!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vampire torso from Peak's Woods...

Claudine by alington
Claudine, a photo by alington on Flickr.
The Bitten torso is back and available as an optional item for your doll when you order a Fairy of Color (Peak's Wood's large or SD 58 cm BJD).

It is available with the small bust only, and you can get it painted or blank, in normal or white skin (Goldie is white). This option is only available through October 31. The torso alone is $135, add make-up for $10, and include the rest of the body for an additional $330.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Where to get replacement S-hooks for your BJD

Does your doll have an older style O-ring or D-ring at the top of the neck instead of an S-hook? Are you a compulsive restringer? Do you enjoy replacing your doll's torso or leg parts, or would you rather have an S-hook at the top?

Well, my advice is to avoid the hardware store, and buy hooks directly from a BJD dealer. You pay a little more, but will get hooks that will last a lot longer and actually be the right size for your doll.

Several places have the right sizes:

  • Denver Doll Emporium carries these in large and small sizes.
  • Mint on Card carries large hooks singly and small hooks in sets of four.
  • Kemper Dolls carries a large supple of nickel-plated S-hooks, but I haven't tried this type before.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Peak's Woods limited edition Alice in Wickedland update

A new update from Peak's Woods on their lovely new dolls: The event starts tomorrow, October 21 and goes through November 11. Three brand new sculpts are being introduced to the Fairies of Fairytales (27cm - tiny) line:

Lady Alice - a new sculpt (miniature version of Lady Bee), in normal or white skin. She is available as a blank doll for $252, as a full-set with limited make-up, the outfit (no shoes) and wig for $440. Also available a la carte: limited make-up - $80, outfit - $99, wig - $27.

Lady Alice with a default face-up is also available. She is also adorable! Her face-up is $60. (She really looks like Lady Bee and Yeru!)

Cheshire Goon - a brand new sculpt, in normal or white skin, boy or girl. Blank, he is $252, and as a full-set he is $470 (as he also includes ear and a tail). A la carte, his items are: limited make-up - $80, outfit - $99, wig - $27, ear parts - $30.

Cheshire Goon is also available with a default face-up, super sweet and adorable for $60.

Rabbit Goon - a new sculpt (Wake-Up Naomi with pointed ears and rabbit ears), in normal or white skin, boy or girl. He is available blank for $252, full set $480.00. Items are also available a la carte: limited make-up - $80, outfit - $99, wig - $27, ears - $40.

Rabbit Goon is super sweet with a default face-up, too. It's also $60.

All photos are property of Peak's Woods.

I also saw this notice on Peak's Woods site about their small dolls' unique Swariko pose.
Dear all,

Hi everyone, I am KyungMin Lee, the sculptor from Peak's Woods.

I'd like to express my gratitude to all of you who give us constant love and support.

Many BJD companies have been founded lately.

It must be a good phenomenon for customers since with this broad market, customers can purchase various styles of dolls and doll stuff which will result in customer satisfaction. 

As a doll company, this kind of phenomenon is also a good thing because it stimulates us to improve our work.

The biggest challenge to a doll maker is always that each doll has to be unique. Therefore the sculptor 
has to spend lots of time and sometimes experience failure to achieve the perfect desired result.

To us, swariko was one of the toughest positions.

As you know Volks was the first BJD company that tried this position.

And none of the BJD companies have copied this technique because it is simply just "WRONG". 

As I mentioned in the beginning, there are lots of BJD companies and each of them have their own unique 
and creative style and that's the specialty of each brand that identifies the particular company.

However this "WRONG" thing has happened to us recently and how I feel about it is just beyond words.

Here are some pictures above from our website. [They've posted a photo here.]

As you see the side line of the joint is cut to make the swariko position possible.
(in the second picture, the arrow goes the wrong way though;;;;;)

A doll company, Sugarble has gotten permission from us in advance and marked this swariko technique as 
from Peak's Woods. 

They could have stolen our technique, but chose not to. The company got our permission prior to using our 

This is a matter of individual conscience and business morality.

One minute, we'd thought of letting it go and just to continue with our work.

However we've changed our minds to protect our rights and to help prevent this kind of thing from happening
not only to us, but also to other good companies. 

Thank you very much for reading so far and we appreciate your precious time and interest.

What kind of superglue to use to repair BJDs

What to do when or if you chip a finger on your BJD or the head cap magnet falls out of place? You'll need a strong adhesive to hold the parts together. How do you decide which one?

I've tried several, and my favorite so far is Zap-A-Gap. It's available from Junkyspot and hobby stores. I like it for several reasons.
  • It bonds in 15 seconds or less.
  • It bonds metal to resin, resin to resin, wood, plastic, fabric, glass, ceramic, and much more.
  • You can use it to fill in gaps in projects, in addition to bonding.
  • It can be removed with acetone.
You only need a few drops, and you'll need to work fairly quickly. Make sure you have steady hands (not too much caffeine, mind you).

BJDs and staining

Yeru in Splendid Blue by alington
Yeru in Splendid Blue, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Are you a recent BJD convert from vinyl dolls? Are you concerned about black or darkly colored fabric staining your precious (and expensive) resin doll?

For those of you who collect vinyl, you know how difficult removing stains can be. I'm sure you're equally concerned about being able to remove stains from your expensive ball-jointed beauty as well.

How can you be sure that your gorgeous BJD beauty will be safe from stains? Do major doll costuming companies, such as DollHeart, take care to create clothing that won't bleed onto your doll?

Before we get started, keep in mind that resin cleans easily with Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser sponge. Used dry, light staining is easily removed. Simply move the sponge in small circles over the stained area. You'll need to use a very light touch on blushed dolls, or you'll risk removing the sealant and paint.

Bleeding (color transfer) happens when a non-colorfast fabric comes into contact with a lighter color of fabric (or in this case, porous resin). In damp climates or if the fabric becomes wet, this is usually a bigger problem. For more information about fabric care, check out Mrs. Stewart's page.

From my own experience, I don't think you can take any dark fabric as completely stain safe. Black and reds are the biggest culprits. You have a few options:

  • Change your doll's clothing frequently.
  • Have your doll wear a light colored bodysuit underneath dark colored clothing.
  • Treat the fabric before dressing your doll.
You can treat the fabric by soaking it in a solution of three parts water to one part (white) vinegar. Make sure to rinse under cold water, so all the vinegar is removed (you shouldn't be able to smell it), and the water runs clear. Leaving vinegar in fabric can damage it over time.

Delicate outfits probably shouldn't be washed, even by hand. I'd recommend the bodysuit option for these, if you're concerned. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Removing moleskin from resin

Moleskin (suede) inside a knee joint.
Wonder how to remove the moleskin suede inside of those joints or on your ball-jointed doll's head cap? It's easy and fast.

First, if your doll is sueded with Dr. Scholl's Moleskin Plus (adhesive on one side and faux suede on the other), or if he or she has a wig cap made from moleskin strips, you'll want to make sure not to get it wet. The moleskin comes off, but the adhesive isn't water soluble, so it makes a sticky mess.

You'll want a bottle of alcohol on hand (or colorless acetone works, too). Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area. For your doll's head cap, be sure to keep the alcohol (or acetone) far from any face painting or body blushing, as this will remove the sealant and color. Remove the head cap for safety.

Apply a thin layer of alcohol using a damp cotton pad to and around the moleskin. It should easily loosen the adhesive and peel away. Any smudges should come off as well. 

You won't need to rinse either the acetone or alcohol. Use extreme care when using acetone around resin, as it will temporarily soften the surface. Your doll will be prone to dents, dings, and scratches until the liquid has completed evaporated.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Alice in Wickedland

Photo property of Peak's Woods.

So, yes, they are a little Halloween-y, a little spooky, and very cute just the same. No details yet, but Peak's Woods has a picture on their main page today of all three of their Halloween special BJDs.

I can tell you that Alice is Naomi, the Mad Hatter is Vampire Hucky, and the White Rabbit is a brand new sculpt. Also, we can now see a few more details--such as more of Alice's dress, and also, the dolls' ears (cute!).

Usually, during specials like these, Peak's Woods will offer the limited edition make-up seen, blank dolls, or a regular face-up for your doll if the limited edition make-up isn't, well, your cup of tea.

I'm almost positive the special will be announced Monday (Korean time), and I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another teaser photo from Peak's Woods...

Photo property of Peak's Woods.
Ack! Oh no! I think that's a new sculpt! Peak's Woods is such a tease! I'm dying over here. My favorite BJD company has put up another teaser photo on their website today as part of their Halloween special items--all Alice in Wonderland themed--and this time, I'm pretty sure we see a new sculpt.

The previous two items (I'm so sorry I didn't sneak off the first Alice photo--I'm pretty sure it was Naomi) were both their smaller Fairy of Fairytale size. This time, we see the White Rabbit. I have reason to believe that this is also the smaller size (27cm or close to YoSD size) as well, but we haven't yet seen a wake-up (sleepy-eyed sculpt) in this size before.

Several things to note here: bunny ears (!!), elf ears, and a painted smile. (Look at those eye lashes!) This lovely thing looks like a miniaturized version of Wake-Up Romantic Lady Bee. Oh my! How am I going to choose??

I'm going to get in big trouble. I sure hope my husband isn't following my blog right now. LOL!

Morimoth in Therese

Morimoth in Therese by alington
Morimoth BJD in Therese, a photo by alington on Flickr.
I recently made the (unfortunate for my budget) discovery of the Volks Dolpa limited outfit. This is Peak's Woods Morimoth, a Fairy of Bugs (very close to MSD size), dressed in Therese, one of the recent releases.

I can't describe the quality of the outfit. It's just wonderfully detailed and lovely. It includes the gown, sleeves, the bow and petticoat. It falls perfectly and closes in the back with a zipper. I love it!

Morimoth is wearing a DollHeart wig and Glib acrylic eyes. You can see additional photos on Flickr.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Eeek! Peak's Woods will be having some Halloween specials!

Image property of Peak's Woods
I don't have details on the dates, items or prices, but I asked about the cute little Alice BJD on the website yesterday, and here is the reply!
Hi, Alison.
Thank you very much for your excitement.
She will be one of our Halloween specials. :) (...)
Soon you will see her friends.... :)
And sure enough... this morning, I see Vampire Hucky as the Mad Hatter. Oh my! I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Kim Lasher dolls for sale!

Check out Michele Hardy's DollPage webstore for some great deals on some very hard-to-find Kim Lasher dolls. She currently has listings for Lilly (11") and Lotus (16") artist proof edition. Her prices are REALLY reasonable, and Michele is so, so, SO great to buy from.

If you're a Kim Lasher fan, don't miss out on these dolls.

Also, while you're there, don't forget to pick up some of Michele's fabulous wigs--they are simply the best on the market. I just love them!

Plus, I've noticed she's got some new outfits on there sized for Doll Chateau's MSD-size body, and they are so cute!

Cool new sculptural BJDs from Dollzone

Some of the most interesting BJD sculpts I've seen for a while are these two new 1/4 sized dolls from Dollzone.

Anson (the girl) stands 50 cm (about 19.75 inches) tall, and includes petal limbs and an absolutely gorgeous body.

While her painted full-set is wonderful, I would love to have a blank version of this doll and paint her myself--maybe with pearlescent pigments, finished with a matte UV spray for a more subtle effect. Possibly I'd leave her blank for a while. I find her look unique and interesting.

The boy doll, Moment, is also gorgeous. He stands 53.5 cm tall (about 21 inches). Both dolls remind me of iris-inspired fairies--elegant, with a Grecian feel. I think I'd need to have them in a white skin tone, as well.

Both of these dolls retail for $598 for the fully painted full-set dolls, and $460 for nude and blank versions. They are shown in white, but are also available in normal pink and normal yellow skin tones.

Dollzone is currently having an anniversary event through October 31, in which if you order either of these dolls, you get both Gugu (6 cm or about 2.3 inches) and Lulu (10.2 cm or almost 4 inches), the mini pet versions, for free. So cute! The pets come blank, but can be ordered painted for an additional $25.

If you like this style of doll, be sure to check out the larges sized BJDs Una and Jeremy--they have a slightly less fairy-esque and more futurist, and definitely birdlike, feel.
Anson - blank


Photos property of Dollzone.

New Alice in Dark Wonderland DollHeart release!

Noby Alice Memory Full Set BJD
New Alice-themed DollHeart items are available for pre-order from your favorite DollHeart dealer. Here are just a few of the items available:

Alice Dream
Alice Memory
Photos property of DollHeart.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Third Annual BJD Convention in San Diego

According to a post on Den of Angels:

The Third Annual San Diego Ball-Jointed Doll Convention will be held at the picturesque Marina Village on the waters of Mission Bay on Saturday, November 5, 2011 from 11 AM to 3 PM. We'll be located in the Terrace room on the south end of the Marina Village complex at 1936 Quivira Way, San Diego, California. 

This year's theme is 'Supernatural Orleans', a tribute to vampires, zombies, voodoo, witches, and all things eerie and magical. There will be doll costume contests, games, prizes, and raffles, plus refreshing drinks along with many of your favorite dealers!

$10 per person at the door. Please note that anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult. Some doll nudity is likely. 

Dealer and Sponsor inquiries welcome.

You can find the DoA discussion thread here. I'm planning to attend--I'll let you know what color my hair is before I go--but probably black and blue or purple--so I'll be easy to spot. Come say hello!

Monday, October 10, 2011

More specials at Ajumapama through Jpopdolls

For the month of October, when you pre-order more than $50 wrath of clothing for your tiny, mini or large sized BJD, you will receive your choice of size pair of stockings. Orders more than $150 receive a free t-shirt and free stockings (your choice of size).

Check out the great selections available now:

Photo property of Ajumapama.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

New offerings from JPop Dolls

PinkGunDollhouse is offering two new outfits, limited to 30 pieces each, sold through JPop Dolls and available to order. They are adorable!

Sized for MSD dolls like Kaye Wiggs' dolls, Looking Glass and Alice in Candyland are not to be missed. Candyland retails for $90, and Looking Glass for $90. They are adorable. Check them out! They even include boots.

Alice in Candyland

Looking Glass

Photos are property of PinkGunDollhouse.