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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Alice in Wickedland

Photo property of Peak's Woods.

So, yes, they are a little Halloween-y, a little spooky, and very cute just the same. No details yet, but Peak's Woods has a picture on their main page today of all three of their Halloween special BJDs.

I can tell you that Alice is Naomi, the Mad Hatter is Vampire Hucky, and the White Rabbit is a brand new sculpt. Also, we can now see a few more details--such as more of Alice's dress, and also, the dolls' ears (cute!).

Usually, during specials like these, Peak's Woods will offer the limited edition make-up seen, blank dolls, or a regular face-up for your doll if the limited edition make-up isn't, well, your cup of tea.

I'm almost positive the special will be announced Monday (Korean time), and I'll keep you posted!

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