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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cool new sculptural BJDs from Dollzone

Some of the most interesting BJD sculpts I've seen for a while are these two new 1/4 sized dolls from Dollzone.

Anson (the girl) stands 50 cm (about 19.75 inches) tall, and includes petal limbs and an absolutely gorgeous body.

While her painted full-set is wonderful, I would love to have a blank version of this doll and paint her myself--maybe with pearlescent pigments, finished with a matte UV spray for a more subtle effect. Possibly I'd leave her blank for a while. I find her look unique and interesting.

The boy doll, Moment, is also gorgeous. He stands 53.5 cm tall (about 21 inches). Both dolls remind me of iris-inspired fairies--elegant, with a Grecian feel. I think I'd need to have them in a white skin tone, as well.

Both of these dolls retail for $598 for the fully painted full-set dolls, and $460 for nude and blank versions. They are shown in white, but are also available in normal pink and normal yellow skin tones.

Dollzone is currently having an anniversary event through October 31, in which if you order either of these dolls, you get both Gugu (6 cm or about 2.3 inches) and Lulu (10.2 cm or almost 4 inches), the mini pet versions, for free. So cute! The pets come blank, but can be ordered painted for an additional $25.

If you like this style of doll, be sure to check out the larges sized BJDs Una and Jeremy--they have a slightly less fairy-esque and more futurist, and definitely birdlike, feel.
Anson - blank


Photos property of Dollzone.

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