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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Peak's Woods limited edition Alice in Wickedland update

A new update from Peak's Woods on their lovely new dolls: The event starts tomorrow, October 21 and goes through November 11. Three brand new sculpts are being introduced to the Fairies of Fairytales (27cm - tiny) line:

Lady Alice - a new sculpt (miniature version of Lady Bee), in normal or white skin. She is available as a blank doll for $252, as a full-set with limited make-up, the outfit (no shoes) and wig for $440. Also available a la carte: limited make-up - $80, outfit - $99, wig - $27.

Lady Alice with a default face-up is also available. She is also adorable! Her face-up is $60. (She really looks like Lady Bee and Yeru!)

Cheshire Goon - a brand new sculpt, in normal or white skin, boy or girl. Blank, he is $252, and as a full-set he is $470 (as he also includes ear and a tail). A la carte, his items are: limited make-up - $80, outfit - $99, wig - $27, ear parts - $30.

Cheshire Goon is also available with a default face-up, super sweet and adorable for $60.

Rabbit Goon - a new sculpt (Wake-Up Naomi with pointed ears and rabbit ears), in normal or white skin, boy or girl. He is available blank for $252, full set $480.00. Items are also available a la carte: limited make-up - $80, outfit - $99, wig - $27, ears - $40.

Rabbit Goon is super sweet with a default face-up, too. It's also $60.

All photos are property of Peak's Woods.

I also saw this notice on Peak's Woods site about their small dolls' unique Swariko pose.
Dear all,

Hi everyone, I am KyungMin Lee, the sculptor from Peak's Woods.

I'd like to express my gratitude to all of you who give us constant love and support.

Many BJD companies have been founded lately.

It must be a good phenomenon for customers since with this broad market, customers can purchase various styles of dolls and doll stuff which will result in customer satisfaction. 

As a doll company, this kind of phenomenon is also a good thing because it stimulates us to improve our work.

The biggest challenge to a doll maker is always that each doll has to be unique. Therefore the sculptor 
has to spend lots of time and sometimes experience failure to achieve the perfect desired result.

To us, swariko was one of the toughest positions.

As you know Volks was the first BJD company that tried this position.

And none of the BJD companies have copied this technique because it is simply just "WRONG". 

As I mentioned in the beginning, there are lots of BJD companies and each of them have their own unique 
and creative style and that's the specialty of each brand that identifies the particular company.

However this "WRONG" thing has happened to us recently and how I feel about it is just beyond words.

Here are some pictures above from our website. [They've posted a photo here.]

As you see the side line of the joint is cut to make the swariko position possible.
(in the second picture, the arrow goes the wrong way though;;;;;)

A doll company, Sugarble has gotten permission from us in advance and marked this swariko technique as 
from Peak's Woods. 

They could have stolen our technique, but chose not to. The company got our permission prior to using our 

This is a matter of individual conscience and business morality.

One minute, we'd thought of letting it go and just to continue with our work.

However we've changed our minds to protect our rights and to help prevent this kind of thing from happening
not only to us, but also to other good companies. 

Thank you very much for reading so far and we appreciate your precious time and interest.

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