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Monday, October 24, 2011

Where to get replacement S-hooks for your BJD

Does your doll have an older style O-ring or D-ring at the top of the neck instead of an S-hook? Are you a compulsive restringer? Do you enjoy replacing your doll's torso or leg parts, or would you rather have an S-hook at the top?

Well, my advice is to avoid the hardware store, and buy hooks directly from a BJD dealer. You pay a little more, but will get hooks that will last a lot longer and actually be the right size for your doll.

Several places have the right sizes:

  • Denver Doll Emporium carries these in large and small sizes.
  • Mint on Card carries large hooks singly and small hooks in sets of four.
  • Kemper Dolls carries a large supple of nickel-plated S-hooks, but I haven't tried this type before.


  1. Out of curiosity, do you have any pictures of these different types of hooks? I wonder if you could get them from just about any hardware store, without having to wait for the items to arrive in the mail.

  2. Great idea! I'll take some and post them. You can find some at the hardware store--but last time I was there, I couldn't find heavy enough ones that were exactly the right size.

    If they are heavy enough, they are usually hard to bend. (You wouldn't want them to bend, either, if they are supporting the doll's elastic.) Size matters, since you need to fit the hook through the neck opening, or smaller hooks in the grooves in hands or feet.


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