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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rabbit Waltz - new sculpt from Peak's Woods coming soon!

Available on April 1, a new Fairy of Fairytales sculpt called Rabbit Waltz will be up for sale. April 1-7, they will be offering him at a 10% discount. Through the end of the month, you'll be able to order his limited edition outfit as well. The outfit includes a jacket, pants, shirt, cummerbund, bow tie and socks.


  • Nude doll (white or normal skin, boy or girl body) $224 (marked down from $280)
  • Face-up $60
  • Outfit $98

The doll includes an extra pair of hands, acrylic eyes, cushions, box and certificate of authenticity. Ears are sold separately - $25 per pair, add $5 for blushing.

He is similar to Rabbit Goon, except his eyes are slightly bigger and he has human ears (instead of elf ears).

Photos are property of Peak's Woods.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Soom - Rosette Fairytale: new Alice in Wonderland dolls available

I'm supposed to be over Alice--but how will I resist these adorable girls? I love the Rosette body, and I have one girl, Camellia. She's so sweet. Now, three more limited edition girls are up on Soom's website. These three are available from March 7-27, 2014.

Check them out:

Vela, the Cheshire Cat - $288 base price (she uses the Muse Lady body), clear resin cat ears add $50, two hand parts $20 each, face-up $50, body blushing $48, eyes $25, wig $28, outfit $115, boots $46 - bringing the full set cost to: $670. I think I'd need the ears, face-up, and OMG--the lingerie. (I might prefer a Licht wig in pink.)

Fir, White Rabbit Ver. - $288 base price (Muse Girl body), clear resin bunny ears $50, choice of extra hand parts $20, face-up $50, body blushing $48, eyes $25, wig $28, outfit $118, shoes $46 - bringing the full set cost to: $673. If I got her, I wouldn't be able to live without the ears (so cute!), face-up and eyes, and pretty amazing outfit. I don't see the shoes, actually. I've always loved Fir--and this version--oh, so soft!

Sakura as Alice - Oh, my favorite! She has the perfect (almost vacant and frightened) Alice look, and I adore the lolita Alice outfit, complete with lingerie. $288 base price (Muse Lady body), ear parts (either cat or rabbit) $50, extra hands $20, face-up $50, body blushing $48, eyes $25, wig $28, outfit $112, shoes $46, which brings the full set cost to: $667. Wow.

These dolls are simply gorgeous! I may have to break down and order one. Ack! How to decide.

Photos are property of Soom.

Cue - my latest addition

So pretty! by alington
So pretty!, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Another day, another doll... just kidding!

I'm so pleased to announce the arrival of Cue (and Mintie, too), by Peak's Woods. They use the new Lolita body, which has new double-jointed elbows and beautifully sculpted hands. Even with the new articulation (Cue has a large bust and mobility thigh, Mintie has straight legs and normal bust), both dolls still have the best stability, and can stand solidly, right out of the box.

I think I see my budget going down the drain--right before my eyes. I will have to upgrade my other dolls when the body is available again. It's really fantastic.

See more photos on Flickr.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

New sizes available from Nine9Style: EID and Lati Yellow!

I'm thrilled to be able to share the announcement that Nine9Style is now carrying EID (man and woman) sizes, as well as LaTi Yellow sizes. This clothing company also sells on eBay--so if you like to collect eBay's cash back (which as changed over the past few months, as I understand) you can also shop there.

Be sure to consider the sets that Nine9Style carries--you usually get a great deal. Several pieces of clothing will get a decent little discount! And the quality of these casual clothing is really, really fantastic.

I'm curious about the LaTi sizes--I have some DollHeart Lati sets that my Azone Pure Neemos can wear, and some of the Nine9Style sets are just too cute!

I just received the Mink Ball knitwear and one-piece set (now I have it in both grey and brown) with my latest Peak's Woods order, and it's just adorable. You can use the slip and the sweater separately--and the set is just $33 for both pieces. Let me include a real-life photo for you (Mintie is modeling--she's the tall blonde on the left):

Out of order display!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Why you need to attend the KBJD Show!

Back to the 1920s: It's the loveliest Yeru the Soul LE yet! She's simply stunning in a white gown by Corona, and face up by Peak's Woods Dhar. I notice she includes special long fingernail hand parts (with a manicure--check out her photos, since they are just too cute!), high heels, the outfit (dress, layered inner skirt, gloves, hairband, necklace and stockings), shoes, glass eyes, box (of course) and that adorable wig.

Sweet Barista Special: From the left, Sir Tin, Hucky, Leo and Rabbit Goon make up the Fairies of Fairytales group. Their outfits are also by Corona, and it looks like there is only one set available. The dolls are tan (!!) versions, with limited face-ups by KyungMin Lee (the sculptor), and include glass eyes, extra hands, wigs, shoes, and a box.

I'm not sure about how these dolls will be sold--or if they may be raffled off as centerpiece dolls. However, the Platinum registration at the KBJD Show includes raffle tickets! I'm so in.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Doll display

Doll display by alington
Doll display, a photo by alington on Flickr.
My latest hybrid--Doll Chateau Youth Verna (full set with white skin) and Peak's Woods Goldie (Val Zeitler Sonja). I think she's pretty fun--willowy and soft--an omen for spring!