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Monday, December 23, 2013

Lady Bee hybrid

Lady Bee hybrid by alington
Lady Bee hybrid, a photo by alington on Flickr.
One of the cool things about BJDs is the ability to make hybrid dolls. Doll Chateau Erica wasn't getting much attention at my house lately, so I decided to try a quick hybrid--her willowy body and Peak's Woods Lady Bee's head.

Both are white resin--Kid and Fairy of Bugs size--and a pretty good match for color and size. Lady Bee now has an amazing ability to pose and a brand new look. Her wardrobe is a little limited, however.

For me, though, it's like having a brand new doll. You can see her photoshoot on Flickr.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Momo at Christmas

Momo by alington
Momo, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Here she is--the lovely DollPamm Momo. Her face up is by GamergirlLexi. She's dressed in a Barbie dress, Ellowyne Wilde skirt, and YoSD shoes from Mint on Card. Her wig is from Leeke, and eyes are also from Mint on Card (sparkling blue glass).

I think she's just too cute. She is the pink/white resin that DollPamm offers. I can't wait to see what else this company does!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Peak's Woods Winter special continued...

Check out the latest update in the Winter Event from Peak's Woods here. Not only has the gorgeous Sleeping Cue limited edition been posted to the website, but she is now part of the regular line as well. Above, you can see her regular, anything-but-basic make-up. She's simply enchanting.

To refresh your memory--the Fairy of Color body has been updated to a new double-jointed Lolita body. You can see photos of it here. It can be ordered with a split thigh or without, and extra posing hands (+$25) and heel feet (+$60) are available separately.

Goldie has renewed basic makeup. She's adorable!

When you purchase any FOC doll, you may choose one of the following six free heads in the same skin tone for free:

When you purchase an Absolute Beauty doll, you may choose a free AB head (Rogita, Rogita Blossom, Bella the Moon, or Kisha) for free, also in the same skin tone.

Of course, bodies are available separately, and you can add a gorgeous face-up to the event head when you purchase the body. Lay-away is available for the event, and it's easy to do!

DollHeart specials - and it's a great one!

Through the end of the month (December 2013), or till products have sold out, you may choose any three of the following full set DollHeart fashions for $149.90 for all three sets:

  • Alysha (SD16) $119.90
  • Queen of Hearts ver. A (SD16) $129.90
  • Endless Moment (SD10/13 girl) $94.90
  • Rate Hate (SD10/13 girl) $99.90
  • Angela (SD10/13 girl) $99.90
  • The Hierophant (SD13 boy) $99.90
  • Eternal Heart (SD13 boy) $99.90
  • Jase (SD13 boy) $119.90
  • Blue Duke (MSD boy) $99.90
  • Carlo (MSD boy) $99.90
  • Bradyn (MSD boy) $99.90
  • Alexis (MSD girl) $89.90
  • Stephanie (MSD girl) $89.90
  • Rickey (MSD girl) $89.90
  • Rely on You (YoSD boy) $79.90
  • Aaron (YoSD boy) $79.90
  • John Darling (YoSD boy) $79.90
  • Candy Blue (YoSD girl) $79.90
  • Ericka (YoSD girl) $79.90
  • Katherine (YoSD girl) $79.90
  • Little Black Rabbit Ace (Lati Yellow Boy) $79.90
  • Hunter (Lati Yellow Boy) $69.90
  • Cameron (Lati Yellow Boy) $69.90
  • Little Black Rabbit Heart (Lati Yellow Girl) $79.90
  • Odalys (Lati Yellow Girl) $79.90
  • Darby (Lati Yellow Girl) $79.90
Alone, these outfits range in price from $69.90 - $129.90, so you'll be getting a great deal on some of these! Visit DollHeart's website to order.
Also, I should point out--that's Miss Sleeping Cue modeling in the Endless Moment photo, just below. You'd probably better order one for your collection from Peak's Woods--see my next post!

Endless Moment

Friday, December 13, 2013

Peak's Woods event: Sleeping Cue Limited Edition

A sneak peek of Peak's Woods limited edition Sleeping Cue has been posted on the index page--and she goes on sale December 16.

Don't forget about the current special--get a free FOF head with any FOF doll, through December 15 only. Then, starting on December 16 through the end of the month, when you purchase a full FOC doll, you can get a free FOC head (Lavin, Lottie, Sky, Cue, Mintie or Shaia) with your order.

See the Peak's Woods website for details.

And wow--I've just noticed there has been a price drop in the FOC dolls--from $580 to $550. (The prices were usually listed at $550 with a 10% discount, but this discount has now become permanent.) Additionally, make-up for the AB dolls has been lowered from $70 to $60 as well.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dollpamm Momo

Dollpamm Momo by alington
Dollpamm Momo, a photo by alington on Flickr.
For the curious... Dollpamm Momo in white skin is back from her face up by Gamergirl Lexi. She's such a funny and sweet little thing--not to mention happy!

Proportionally, her head seems smaller than Peak's Woods Hucky. I like her, I think. She's very quirky. She's due for a redress and some real photos.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Get ready for Peak's Woods Winter Event!

Peak's Woods will release a new Fairy of Color Lolita body on December 15--I can't wait to see it! The following events are scheduled for next month:

  1. FOF 1+1 Event - December 1-15 - With the purchase of any Fairy of Fairytales doll, you can received a free FOF head (same skin tone as the doll you ordered, no makeup). You have the option of ordering an additional body for $159, or adding makeup for the head an additional cost.
  2. FOC Event - December 16-31 - With the purchase of any Fairy of Color doll, you can receive a free head (choose between Lavin, Lottie, Sky, Cue, Mintie or Shaia, in the same skin tone as the doll you choose, no makeup included). You can order an additional body for $440, and add makeup at an additional charge.
  3. FOC Goldie Make-up renewed
  4. FOC Sleeping Cue is for sale - Basic version will be available after December 16, and a limited edition will be available between December 16-31, with limited edition makeup and an optional outfit (early closing is possible due to sell-out).
  5. Facebook Message Drawing - Visit Peak's Woods Facebook page, and leave them a message about what you'd like to see from their company next year. It can be about the dolls you'd like to see or events you'd like to see. One random winner will be drawn to receive a free FOF doll with no makeup.
As always lay away is available for these events. I highly recommend Peak's Woods for their amazing dolls and awesome customer service!

Just an idea--with the FOC special... you could order limited edition Sleeping Cue, and then get a free Cue open-eye head for her. What a great special! 

I think I will have to take advantage of both the FOF and the FOC events this year--there are at least two FOF cuties I have my eye on: Dorothy Young and Sir Tin. This would be the perfect time to update my FOC collection, too--I'm missing my Mintie and Cue! Maybe Vampire Goldie with an extra Mintie head? But I already have Sleeping Cue, and could totally use an open-eye Cue for her, as well. Hmmm..... And yay for new bodies!

Photo property of Peak's Woods.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Save the date: Korean Ball Jointed Doll Show in Los Angeles

Save the date: April 24-26, 2014
The Line Hotel
Los Angeles, CA USA

Oh my goodness, save the date! You won't want to miss the first ever Korean Ball Jointed Doll, put on right here in Los Angeles, CA this spring!

The main purpose of the show is to collaborate with Korean BJD companies to develop business relationships, and develop offline relationships with companies and collectors.

The general contact and event operator is the fabulous Ms. Cholong. You can contact her at the following website for attendee and vendor registration. The preliminary schedule is posted here.

Registration fees vary, depending on category--if you are a Korean BJD manufacturer or US retailer, cost is $220. Doll collectors can register for $165, and it looks like several types of single day passes are also available, ranging from $28-70. I believe dinners are limited to 100, so be sure to register early.

So far, the confirmed exhibitors are:
  • Be with You
  • Blue Fairy
  • BnB Doll
  • Crobi
  • Dreaming Doll
  • Dollmore
  • LaTi Doll
  • Little Monica
  • Migi Doll
  • Nine9 Style
  • Peak's Woods (!!!)
  • Rosenlied
According to the website, approximately 20 exhibitors from Korea will be attending, and more will be announced soon. Additionally, other exhibitors include:
  • DollHeart
  • Susan Lake Designs
  • Xtreme Dolls (Cristy Stone)
  • Bergemann Dolls
  • Marbled Halls (Connie Lowe)
  • Batchix
  • JPop Dolls
The Line Hotel is located on 3515 Whilshire Blvd (Los Angeles, CA 90010) and is offering a room rate of $159 per night, including free wifi. The hotel is a brand new 4-star hotel, which opens December of this year. You can make your reservation here.

I'll see you there, and I'll be sure to keep you updated.

Bow Jjang in Megann Art

  by alington
, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Oh me, oh my! I can't get enough of these cuties. This is Bow Jjang, one of Peak's Woods Monthly Fairies. She's a tan version, and I'm feeling like I might need a white skin version as well. (So excessive, I know--but they only need a little tiny bit of room for display!)

She's wearing a brand new dress by MegannArt, which, I feel like I can spill, will be a new pattern in Volume II of Dolly Bureau. How awesome is that?

Do you own Dolly Bureau yet? If you don't, you should. Go buy a copy--or ask for one for Christmas. Even if you don't sew, you will after reading this book! You can preview it on Amazon, or buy it directly from Megann.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Addiction: BID series

Additionally, Iplehouse has also added four new tiny vampires to the Addiction line in BID size. My favorite of the four is Elin, but you can also find Byuri (she's been on my wish list as a basic for a while), Efreet and Erzulie. All the BID sculpts have sculpted pointed ears.

A base price of $230 starts you off with a basic doll, 12mm eyes, default hand parts, flat feet, and Iplehouse's standard packaging. Additionally, you can customize your doll as follows:
  • Choose white, normal, peach gold or gray +$10, special real skin +$20, or light brown +$40 skin.
  • Choose from boy or girl body, +$10 for a mobility thigh
  • Add a fantasy head for $90-103, depending on skin tone
  • Choose from basic makeup +$40, fantasy A +$40, or fantasy B +$50
  • Add fantasy hands +$20-44, depending on skin tone and blushing options
  • Add wings for $39
  • Add horns for $15
  • Add any or all outfits A +$55, B +$49, C +$50, D +$52
If you'd rather just order a vampire version, you can skip the basic head, and head over to the Fantasy BID section, and customize your cutie this way. No basic head is included with this doll.

These dolls are available through December 31.

Photos are property of Iplehouse.

The Addiction: Fantasy Stella

Iplehouse has introduced several new dolls to The Addiction line.

First, it's Fantasy Stella. Base price is $650. She includes default nYID girl hands, 12mm eyes, basic flat and heel feet, and all the traditional Iplehouse goodies. This gorgeous SID girl is available with the following options:

  • normal or white skin, peach gold or gray +$30, special real +$60, light brown +$90
  • glamour, large or small size bust (wings will fit only on glamour or large busts)
  • general or mobility +$20 thigh 
  • blank or with fantasy makeup type A or B +$80
  • Fantasy hands (ranging from +$32-58, depending on blushing options)
  • Wings +$114 (extra for blushing)
  • Horns +$17 (extra for blushing)
  • Outfit A +$170 or B +$190
She's on sale through December 31. Wigs and shoes are available separately.

Photos are property of Iplehouse.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

San Diego BJD Convention

San Diego BJD Convention by alington
San Diego BJD Convention, a photo by alington on Flickr.
This year's theme, for the fifth annual San Diego BJD Convention, was Naughty Nautical. As you can see, only two of my girls were dressed to the theme--and they were in the beach-y category.

The turnout was really good--my guess would be close to 75, though I don't know the official number.  We packed in that room pretty well. The $10 entrance fee gave us a goodie bag and all-we-could eat chicken nuggets, tater tots, sun tea, and non-alcoholic grog, which was excellent.

It was great to see all the various vendors, and especially to see Ms. Cholong with DollHeart. I also had a great time after the weekend with Megann of MegannArt.

You can see additional photos on Flickr.

There will be a convention next year, too--and the theme is Feisty Fairytales. Start planning your outfits now!

Monday, November 18, 2013


Miko by alington
Miko, a photo by alington on Flickr.
I've had a new addition to my doll collection--and one I've wanted to add forever. It's a Dollfie Dream Dynamite Miko!

Gorgeous! See more photos on Flickr!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lauren's Poem

Atlanta BJD Convention by alington
Atlanta BJD Convention, a photo by alington on Flickr.
The Atlanta BJD Conventionby Lauren Rasmussen
At the airport we were late.
The airlines made us wait!
I didn't know I'd miss the cats.
But I did see a lot of hats!
I helped set up the table,
But the BJDs weren't very stable.
Despite counting sheep
I still couldn't go to sleep.
There were lots of people in the hall.
I dressed up like my doll.
I saw a person wearing a wig
And a doll that was very big.
It was full of noise
And I got some toys.
Grownups played games--
They acted insane!
I had a great time,
And that's the end of my rhyme.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jessica Pierrot EID

**Update** She has been sold!

Are you looking to add Iplehouse EID Jessica to your collection at an affordable price? You may be able to find the perfect one on the secondary market from Jan. You can see lots of beautiful photos of this limited edition doll, Jessica Pierrot from 2009, on her website here.

For $550 (shipping and insurance is additional), you will receive the nude, normal skin (large bust, general type non-mobility thigh) doll with the company face-up, an additional set of hands, high-heel feet, extra elastic, including two Iplehouse wigs (blonde and brunette), and three pairs of 12mm eyes (green, blue and brown). She includes her original box and certificate of authenticity, and the seller is her original owner. (You can rest assured you're getting an actual Iplehouse, and not a recast.)

According to her seller, originally, this doll sold for $846. She was one of the original dolls in the Noctarcana Circus collection. You can see her page here.

This doll uses the first EID body, and looking at her photos, she has a very even skin tone with no visible yellowing. She is in incredible condition. She's lovely!

Because she is so heavy, her owner would like to ship her within the US only.

I have to confess, Jessica has never been on my wish list before--but this girl is really amazing. And this price is such a steal! Someone should pick her up. She's an incredible doll, and really, one of the first limited edition dolls that helped put Iplehouse on the map. (Plus, if you buy her, then I won't be tempted, LOL!)

Photo belongs to Jan Carmen.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Atlanta BJD Convention

Atlanta BJD Convention by alington
Atlanta BJD Convention, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Check out some fun photos from the Atlanta BJD Convention on my Flickr photo stream. I had a blast, though I have significant jet lag this morning. (I don't get that--it's only three hours, and it should be easier traveling west, right?)

I'll send a more detailed later on in the week! It was so wonderful meeting all of you there.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

See you in Atlanta!

I'm on my way to the Atlanta BJD Convention, where I'll have a table. Please stop by and say hello! I'm easy to recognize, and I don't (usually) bite, even with jet lag.

I'll be teaching two panels while I'm there:
2:45 pm and 7:15 pm on Friday (one on how to write a book, and one on basic photography).

I'm bringing along a little helper (my doll enthusiast daughter) and also a precious goodie from Peak's Woods--a generous donation you won't want to miss--and you'll want to stop by to check out Peak's Woods' wonderful dolls in person. I can't wait to see you there!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ashanti in SODA

Ashanti in SODA by alington
Ashanti in SODA, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Ashanti said yes to the dress by Atelier Soda!

This was another secondary market purchase for my rather demanding Iplehouse ladies.

Ashanti is wearing an Angel-Studio necklace, and wig and shoes from Iple. She is a real skin EID with face-up style C from Iplehouse.

See more photos on Flickr.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Mari in silk

Mari in silk by alington
Mari in silk, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Mari is the happy recipient of a new gown as well. She's dressed in designer silk, and Iplehouse shoes and wig.

You can see additional photos of her on Flickr.

Mari is a custom doll order, and uses a peach gold nYID body, with faceup style C. She also has pierced ears and a large bust.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rexy in silk

Rexy by alington
Rexy, a photo by alington on Flickr.
My quest for contemporary fashions is well underway and going splendidly.

I was able to pick up some absolutely amazing gowns off Prego last week, and I could not be more thrilled. See the rest of Rexy's photo shoot on Flickr.

Rexy is an Iplehouse nYID girl in special real skin, face-up style C. She's wearing glass eyes from Mint on Card, and a wig from Peak's Woods. Shoes by Iplehouse.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Peak's Woods Halloween special

FOF V.F. Lady Alice, blue-grey skin
Peak's Woods has announced some gorgeous limited edition dolls for Halloween, and a new color of resin for these lovelies--blue-grey. Here's the special:

Limited edition Fairy of Fairytales with vampire fangs, carved bite marks on their necks, and blue-grey skin.

Basic doll includes eyes, one pair of extra hand parts, cushions, CoA, and box.

Take 10% off between October 5-10, making the price $244.80. Layaway is available October 11, for $272. Choose boy or girl body. Make-up is an additional $70. Bite mark torso is an additional $10, and painting is an additional $5.

FOF V.F. Hucky Blue-Grey 
FOF V.F. Sir Tin Blue-Grey
FOF V.F. Leo, Blue-Grey
Additionally, basic FOF Vampire Fairies are also available:

You can choose normal or white skin, boy or girl body, and have the option of a vampire torso through October 31. Base price is $224, make-up adds $60. Bite mark torso is an additional $10, and painting is an additional $5.

V.F. Hucky
V.F. Sir Tin
V.F. Leo
V.F. Lady Alice
Photos are property of Peak's Woods.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Topaz Adjust - a little adjustment can make a big difference!

A little effort can make a big difference when it comes to photo editing. If you already follow me at the Fashion Doll Review, I'm sorry for the crosspost, but this software is worth mentioning here, too.

Check out Topaz Labs for free--no credit card required--for 30 days. You can use it as a plug-in with your existing photo editor. It works with (check out this link for requirements):

  • Photoshop
  • Elements
  • Aperture
  • Lightroom
  • iPhoto
  • photoFXlab
  • PaintShop Prop
  • Irfanview
  • Photo Impact
  • Serif Photo Plus

Above, I've used Topaz Adjust with iPhoto (so I've also used Fusion Express) to change the contrast in only a few clicks. You can compare the two photos side by side, and see which you like best. It's easy to use, and very fast. The difference is just amazing.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Secondary market sales - Souldoll Little Metel

Metel by alington
Metel, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Another girl I'm regretfully parting with in my collection: Soul Little Metel by Souldoll.

She's a tiny little thing who can wear Barbie clothing. No longer available from the company, Souldoll isn't making these lovely, hard-to-find beauties anymore. Metel has her original face-up in excellent condition, though she is missing eyelashes.

She is a little kicky--she was a project of mine that just never was started. And she tends to be a little demanding--always wanting to be redressed and such--so she needs a new home. She can live with you for $225 plus shipping. You can see her full listing on Den of Angels, or PM me on Flickr.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Secondary market sales - Pukipuki Ante

Pukipuki Ante by alington
Pukipuki Ante, a photo by alington on Flickr.
OK--so this is embarrassing. It's the second time Miss Ante in normal skin and Pukipuki size has been in my collection, and is leaving my collection for greener pastures.

She simply doesn't get enough attention here. I just got this girl from Denver Doll in April. I'm asking $188 plus shipping from the US.

Her full listing is on Den of Angels, or you can PM me via my Flickr account for more info.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's been a bit of a lazy day today... and the past few days. I feel fall setting in, despite our lovely weather.

Just a quick note to let you all know I'm still here and thinking dolls, and a quick warm snuggle from Bear, who has been helping me with packaging.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

More dolls on the wish list

Audrey, nYID by Iplehouse

My BJD wish list is growing, and my doll collection is morphing again. While the fashion dolls are being reshuffled, I've realized some changes in my BJD tastes.

Sticking to the theory of collecting what you love, rather than just like, can be painful if you tend to get attached to things. I find that some BJD collectors aren't really collectors in the sense that fashion doll collectors are. BJD collectors are more enthusiasts, which is great. They build up a doll and wardrobe based on her character, without simply collecting things based on how sparkly things are, or how well it happens to fit "the theme" of a collection, or, for example, how nicely it happens to look with the paint in the living room.

So my current BJD wish list is filling up with Iplehouse dolls. I really like Audrey, nYID size. I like her type C make-up best, though I might prefer make-up that is a bit paler in the lips. I have to admit I wasn't impressed with her at first, as I found her type A make-up a little bland. As I've seen more owner photos, though, I've fallen for her. I might order her in peach gold skin, I think.

Bianca, The Addiction, Iplehouse nYID BJD

I wasn't convinced I wanted to add Bianca to my collection until I saw the limited edition Bianca from The Addiction collection. I like fantasy colors in other people's collection, but I think I'd like her in either white skin or peach gold. I'd want to order the YID size from the Doll Choice system. I have to say--I really like the pink fantasy make-up, and I might make a special request for it, for a more couture look for my girl, but she isn't my number one priority at this point.

Lahela - Elder Limited edition BJD from Iplehouse
Lahela is one of those grails for me. Every time I see this girl pop up on Flickr I do a double take. I absolutely love her! I think she needs to come home. Because she was a limited edition, she's only available through Iplehouse's Doll Choice system. I love her natural make-up style B shown above, and I think I love both the light tan and ebony resin options. I might consider a secondary market purchase for this doll--but I think I might prefer an SID or nYID body for her, so a Doll Choice purchase might be a better idea. She is probably next on my list.

Asa - Iplehouse EID BJD
Asa - One of the original Elder size girls from the Iplehouse lineup, I've loved her versatile beauty for a long time. While I'd consider a secondary market purchase with an unusual face-up (and oh--there is one I've been watching), I've fallen in love with make-up style A and the either the new EID body or the SID body.

Let me just state the following on Iplehouse dolls. These dolls are only legitimately sold through the Iplehouse website in Korea. There are many companies who have recast these dolls and sell them on eBay. While they might be cheaper, they are illegal to buy (and sell) in the US. Additionally, recast dolls seriously affect the legitimate artists employed by Iplehouse. Aside from the only large BJD company in the world, Volks (which also makes other items, not just resin BJDs), companies employ less than ten people, and some only run on one to three people.

To me, it's not worth saving a few $100 or even a year's worth of saving on my part, just to get a doll I want a little sooner. I'd rather help keep the company in business, and keep seeing wonderful new sculpts--from this company and others.

Photos are property of Iplehouse.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yeru: the quest for contemporary clothing

Yeru by alington
Yeru, a photo by alington on Flickr.
My quest for contemporary styles is going well, especially with my last (near excessive) Peak's Woods order. I used a 30% discount certificate, which caused some serious spending--three tiny tan dolls and lots of Nine9Style fashions.

I really love the styling of these clothes! They are well made, though not lined. I think the lack of lining makes them lay well on the BJD bodies, though.

The jeans--OMG--fabulous! Yeru is modeling them here. They including a front zip, stretch denim, working pockets (three or four in the front, and two in the back), belt loops, and real grommets. Also, real flat felled seams are used, and they aren't too thick.

The hoodie includes a matching tank top as well, and it's perfectly scaled--in fabric print and weight. Both are loose fit, so many different dolls could wear the outfit well.

I can't wait for more dolls to model these fabulous new outfits!