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Friday, November 22, 2013

The Addiction: BID series

Additionally, Iplehouse has also added four new tiny vampires to the Addiction line in BID size. My favorite of the four is Elin, but you can also find Byuri (she's been on my wish list as a basic for a while), Efreet and Erzulie. All the BID sculpts have sculpted pointed ears.

A base price of $230 starts you off with a basic doll, 12mm eyes, default hand parts, flat feet, and Iplehouse's standard packaging. Additionally, you can customize your doll as follows:
  • Choose white, normal, peach gold or gray +$10, special real skin +$20, or light brown +$40 skin.
  • Choose from boy or girl body, +$10 for a mobility thigh
  • Add a fantasy head for $90-103, depending on skin tone
  • Choose from basic makeup +$40, fantasy A +$40, or fantasy B +$50
  • Add fantasy hands +$20-44, depending on skin tone and blushing options
  • Add wings for $39
  • Add horns for $15
  • Add any or all outfits A +$55, B +$49, C +$50, D +$52
If you'd rather just order a vampire version, you can skip the basic head, and head over to the Fantasy BID section, and customize your cutie this way. No basic head is included with this doll.

These dolls are available through December 31.

Photos are property of Iplehouse.

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