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Friday, November 29, 2013

Get ready for Peak's Woods Winter Event!

Peak's Woods will release a new Fairy of Color Lolita body on December 15--I can't wait to see it! The following events are scheduled for next month:

  1. FOF 1+1 Event - December 1-15 - With the purchase of any Fairy of Fairytales doll, you can received a free FOF head (same skin tone as the doll you ordered, no makeup). You have the option of ordering an additional body for $159, or adding makeup for the head an additional cost.
  2. FOC Event - December 16-31 - With the purchase of any Fairy of Color doll, you can receive a free head (choose between Lavin, Lottie, Sky, Cue, Mintie or Shaia, in the same skin tone as the doll you choose, no makeup included). You can order an additional body for $440, and add makeup at an additional charge.
  3. FOC Goldie Make-up renewed
  4. FOC Sleeping Cue is for sale - Basic version will be available after December 16, and a limited edition will be available between December 16-31, with limited edition makeup and an optional outfit (early closing is possible due to sell-out).
  5. Facebook Message Drawing - Visit Peak's Woods Facebook page, and leave them a message about what you'd like to see from their company next year. It can be about the dolls you'd like to see or events you'd like to see. One random winner will be drawn to receive a free FOF doll with no makeup.
As always lay away is available for these events. I highly recommend Peak's Woods for their amazing dolls and awesome customer service!

Just an idea--with the FOC special... you could order limited edition Sleeping Cue, and then get a free Cue open-eye head for her. What a great special! 

I think I will have to take advantage of both the FOF and the FOC events this year--there are at least two FOF cuties I have my eye on: Dorothy Young and Sir Tin. This would be the perfect time to update my FOC collection, too--I'm missing my Mintie and Cue! Maybe Vampire Goldie with an extra Mintie head? But I already have Sleeping Cue, and could totally use an open-eye Cue for her, as well. Hmmm..... And yay for new bodies!

Photo property of Peak's Woods.


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