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Monday, June 30, 2014

FOC Lolita special nail hand parts released!

You must think I'm crazy for doing a post just on hand parts (has she been taking her meds?) and yes, I have, in fact! But I love, love, love this hands, and have been hoping they would become part of Peak's Woods general line since the KBJD Show and they were included with Tristan.

They have elegant long nails and just the most beautiful poses. My dolls don't really have jobs. Their day job is to stand around and look pretty, haughty, and demanding. These hands add to their personality so much I can hardly hand it! (Get the pun?)

The fingers are long and elegantly sculpted. I think it's the right hand that has the middle and the ring finger nearly crossed over each other. Oh--and they can wear FR:16 (Tulabelle, Poppy Parker Fashion Teen) size Integrity Toys rings.

The price for un unpainted pair is $25. You can choose normal or white skin. Add $30 if you'd like nail color and blushing. For nail color, you can choose pink, purple, color, or none. Add crystals for $10.

I haven't found out whether these will be a permanent addition to the line as of yet. But just to be on at the safe side--your girl might just need a pair, so don't wait. I asked--and heard that they will be making guest appearances with limited edition dolls at least, if not being permanently added to the line. They haven't quite decided if they will be part of the general line yet.

Peak's Woods re-releases blue-grey skin Vampire Fairies FoFs--for 10 days--starting NOW!

Lady Alice Vampire Fairy
I'm so excited to see that Peak's Woods is currently offering these little tinies again in their gorgeous blue-grey skin. After seeing it in person at the KBJD Show, I realized I totally missed out!

For a limited time--July 1-10, 2014 only--Peak's Woods is offering their Vampire FoF Fairies for sale in that skin tone once more. Basic starting price is $302. Here are your options:

  • boy or girl body
  • no make-up, VF Basic makeup $60, or VF LE makeup $70
  • bite mark on the torso $10 (option)
  • bite mark painting ($5)
Each doll includes an FOF doll in grey skin (other are available, but you'd order them through the basic page), one extra pair of posing hands, 14mm acrylic eyes, pair of cotton cushion, certificate of authenticity, and a box.

Four sculpts are available:
  1. V.F. Lady Alice (above)
  2. V.F. Leo
  3. V.F. Sir Tin
  4. V.F. Hucky 
You only have 10 days to decide--so don't delay!

Leo Vampire Fairy
Sir Tin Vampire Fairy
Hucky Vampire Fairy

More important Peak's Woods news NOT to be missed

This is from the Peak's Woods website:

Part 1. Limited Edition FOF Pinocchio(26cm)
Type :
1)LE FOF Pinocchio_Human version in Blue-grey, Suntan, Normal, White skin
2)LE FOF Pinocchio_Marionette version in Blue-grey, Suntan, Normal, White skin

*Ordering Period : July 1 ~ July 31. 2014 (Layaway Available)
*Two face up options are available.
*Fullset purchase offers a $30 discount.
*FOF Pinocchio will not be released as a Basic.
[I just did a post on these guys today!]

Part 2. Limited Edition, the Fairy of Diamond, FOC Dlight(58cm)
Type :
1)LE FOC Dlight in Diamond-grey, Suntan, Normal, White skin with Normal Bust and Split Thigh type
1)LE FOC Wake up Dlight in Diamond-grey, Suntan, Normal, White skin with Normal Bust and Split Thigh type

*Ordering Period : August 1 ~ August 31. 2014 (Layaway Available)
*Two face up options are available.
*FOC Dlight and Wake up Dlight will not be released as Basics.
[As this event isn't till August, you'll see my post around then. But EEEEEK, I can't wait.]

1.Rerelease of Vampire Fairies in Blue-grey skin(V.F. Lady Alice, V.F. Leo, V.F. Sir Tin, V.F. Hucky).
*Both LE make up & Basic make up are available
:Ordering Period : July 1 ~ July 10
[I'm working on a post about this now--and this is happening now! Don't wait!]

2.Rerelease of Monthly Fairy in suntan skin(ONLY Basic make up is available).
:Ordering Period : July 1 ~ July 10
[OMG OMG OMG--I think a heart attack is coming on! I'm thrilled!]

3.FOC Special nail parts will be available for sale from July 1.
[I don't know if these are a permanent addition, but I'm so thrilled my girls won't have to be fighting anymore. They even come painted if you like!]

4.Monthly Fairy will be available in normal skin from July 1.
[Again--save some money for the normal skin release, too--these guys are amazing!!]

5.Free shipping will be offered for the total purchase of $1000 USD and over than that.
:Ordering Period : July 1 ~ August 31 (The same advantage will be offered to Layaway orders)
[OMG--I think I can handle that. Wow. But the question is--will my husband forgive me?]

*Please contact us first with a list of your order and order details before placing an order.

(If you have a member grade, for example if your mamber grade is Bronze, please remember that the final price after discount counts for the condition above)

*Theme : Light

*Terms & Conditions :
1)The model has to be PW doll or dolls.

2)One person submits ONE PIECE ONLY using PW facebook or photo gallery on PW website from August 1 to August 10, 2014. (It is Korean time and if you don't keep the timeline, you might be disqualified)

3)No size limit but the quality of the picture has to be clear.

4)The picture has to be taken by the contestant.

Diamond : The Fairy of Diamond, Dlight (in normal or white skin) with no face up
Sapphire : FOF Leo (in Blue-grey skin) with no face up
Ruby : Any Monthly Fairy that the winner chooses (in tan skin) with no face up

*A little change in plan could happen.

Thank you very much for your precious time and interest.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

On to one more quick post about the Vampire FoF dolls!

New Pinocchio LEs from Peak's Woods!

Oh my--if you're inspired by Peak's Woods tiny Fairy of Fairytales dolls, check out July's special limited edition--Pinocchio! Important info from Peak's Woods first:

  1. LE FOF Pinocchio_Human version in Blue-grey, Suntan, Normal, White skin
  2. LE FOF Pinocchio_Marionette version in Blue-grey, Suntan, Normal, White skin

Ordering Period : July 1 ~ July 31. 2014 (Layaway Available)
Two face up options are available.
Full-set purchase offers a $30 discount.
FOF Pinocchio will not be released as a Basic.

There are two new sculpts available. The human boy version (above) has a big smile (he's just become a real boy, after all!), huge eyes, and reminds me a little of Mr. Hollow. Pinocchio marionette version has the same large eyes and mouth (but isn't smiling quite so large), and he has a round, stick-shaped nose (we can see he must have already told at least one lie, from the face-up in the photo). Face-ups are beautiful as usual, and are hand painted by Dhar. Here's a closer look at the marionette version:

For both dolls, you may choose from the following options:
  1. boy or girl body
  2. normal, white, suntan (shown on human boy) $50, or gray skin (shown on marionette) $50
  3. no make-up, human boy makeup $70, or marionette makeup $80
  4. outfit--hat, shirt, suspender shorts (I think these are one piece), bow tie, socks) $78
  5. handmade resin jewel eyes by Oscar in pink green or aqua blue $35
  6. shoes $20
  7. all the accessories: add full set (wig, jewel eyes, outfit and shoes) $118 (saves $30)
Basic doll alone includes the assembled doll, an extra pair of hands, a pair of cotton cushions, certificate of authenticity, and box.

Interestingly, I don't see where you purchase the wig a la carte. I'm guessing the wigs are regular stock and can be found here:
  • Human boy is wearing FOF Wig_Royal Cut-Dark Chocolate $15
  • Thought it's currently sold out, I think marionette might be wearing some similar to FOF/YoSD PW Wig P-09, though probably in color F4--the heat resistant platinum shade, and style differently. This one is $27.

At any rate--I'm delighted to see new limited edition tinies--and these guys are so sweet. I love how daring and goth the marionette is. The eyes certainly add that extra spooky touch! And I also love that the human boy has a lovely smile. You hardly ever see happy BJDs that don't look creepy--and this guy is adorable with that smile. And tan. Will I be able to resist? Hmm.

(Did you catch my little joke there?)

All photos are property of Peak's Woods.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Settling in...

He is settling in, as you can see. Janus Miho is making great friends with Erica (IH nYID, special real skin). She seems to have claimed him as her own. But we'll see what happens. Cute couple so far!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Janus Miho hybrid is here!

Thanks to Den of Angels (for the body) and Migidoll for their amazing head event, I was able to put this fantastic hybrid together.

Janus Miho (with standard makeup, if you can believe it) is a Migidoll, Type A normal skin head. I originally fell in love with his quirky little smirk at Migidoll's booth at the KBJD show--and I don't know what kept me from buying his there--but more than likely, it's because I didn't own any large boys at the time. He's an M-series limited edition head; it's unfortunate, since he's so cool--but check out the other sculpts they have! Migi has a style all their own--with amazing face ups! (Migidoll was formerly known as Cherish Doll, I believe.)

His body is actually by Doll-Leaves. This Chinese company has disappointed me in the past with a couple tiny dolls of theirs I have owned--due to stringing issues and my own impatience--never because of quality or customer service. I found a 60cm male body for sale on Tumblr and also on Den of Angels for a good price--and the seller had former used this body as a hybrid for a Type A normal Migi head. I thought this would probably work for my guy, too! We even ended up being able to trade, which went perfectly.

The body works well, and I'm thrilled. I have another set of photos to upload, but I'm too excited no to share the first good one before the day's first nap.

Monday, June 16, 2014

FLASH Sale from Enchanted Doll Eyes for some of those lovely Enchanted Doll eyes for your BJD, but don't want to commit to a group order or wait several weeks to get them?  The Enchanted Doll Etsy page has quite a large inventory of in-stock eyes for sale for a limited time and they ship from the USA!  You'll receive your eyes within 1 week.  Even shipping for international orders is significantly cheaper than expensive EMS shipping.

Be sure to take advantage of this sale when you can, because it is over July 5, 2014.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Amethyst Factor - Chicline Chloe modeling

Amethyst Factor

Spring's FR:16 outfits by Integrity Toys have started to arrive, and the first two are here. Chicline Chloe (Fairyland, white skin) is modeling Amethyst Factor.

I've had Tulabelle and Tonner Doll Antoinette outfits on Chloe before with success, so I was hoping the same for FR:16. They are slightly curvier than Tulabelle. Sure enough--with a little struggle, I was able to get Chloe's hips into the dress and zip it up. (It has a zipper!) It is just a tiny bit big in the bust, as I expected.

The straps have a small ring in the back to hold the ribbon in place, and one of the ribbons came out of one of the rings. It was a real pain, but I managed to get the ribbon back into the ring (it's a tiny jump ring. It's still work that tiny detail, in my opinion.

Amethyst Factor

Then, there's the gloves. With most dolls, I don't bother with gloves. They are just a huge source of frustration. But these are so pretty--sheer net with a lacey dot pattern. One hand (her left) went on perfectly. But the right... well, I was close to tears. But I was committed at that point. Take a sip of wine and move along. Eventually, it's there.

Amethyst Factor

The outfit includes this adorable clutch, with a sparkling embroidered pattern. The coolest part? It is held shut with a magnetic closure, and it actually opens! So cool. I am really impressed!

OK, and the shoes even fit. After the near-tears with the glove fiasco, I love it. It's gorgeous. The stole is black with a purple sheen. It's simply sexy and gorgeous--and it gives Chloe a beautiful new outfit.

Amethyst Factor

Treasure Dolls is the perfect place to order these outfits, as Evelyn will often offer splits: you can order only the outfit or only the nude doll. (FR:16 are sold as dressed dolls, and I usually prefer to have the outfit only.) This saves the time and effort to resell the doll, which is very convenient. Depending on how many requests she receives, however, the outfit or doll you want may not be available. And there's always eBay or the Dollpage for reselling.

Amethyst Factor retails for $135 as the dressed doll. I paid $75 for the outfit (including shipping), which I consider to be very reasonable for a fancy BJD outfit! I highly recommend this one.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Limhwa Lily

Eyes in!

Limhwa Lily - as I'm assembling her head. She's so amazingly realistic and gorgeous. I picked her up at the Junkyspot sale. I'm such a sucker for a sale.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Free BJD from Migidoll - with $200 order, today only!

According to an email from Migidoll, to celebrate their third anniversary, they are giving away a free Faith BJD with every $200 or higher order, placed today only. The doll will be selected at random, but what a deal! I think they are all cute! (Don't wait--and don't forget about the time zone difference!)

Here is the email:

One day surprising event!! Hello
Today is Migidoll’s 3rd anniversary.

So, TODAY ONLY we will provide with Faith type doll as a present to all customers who order over USD 200, in celebration of our birthday.

(Faith type doll will be sent at random.)

Surprising event : from 06:00 AM June 06 till 00:00 June 07