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Monday, June 30, 2014

New Pinocchio LEs from Peak's Woods!

Oh my--if you're inspired by Peak's Woods tiny Fairy of Fairytales dolls, check out July's special limited edition--Pinocchio! Important info from Peak's Woods first:

  1. LE FOF Pinocchio_Human version in Blue-grey, Suntan, Normal, White skin
  2. LE FOF Pinocchio_Marionette version in Blue-grey, Suntan, Normal, White skin

Ordering Period : July 1 ~ July 31. 2014 (Layaway Available)
Two face up options are available.
Full-set purchase offers a $30 discount.
FOF Pinocchio will not be released as a Basic.

There are two new sculpts available. The human boy version (above) has a big smile (he's just become a real boy, after all!), huge eyes, and reminds me a little of Mr. Hollow. Pinocchio marionette version has the same large eyes and mouth (but isn't smiling quite so large), and he has a round, stick-shaped nose (we can see he must have already told at least one lie, from the face-up in the photo). Face-ups are beautiful as usual, and are hand painted by Dhar. Here's a closer look at the marionette version:

For both dolls, you may choose from the following options:
  1. boy or girl body
  2. normal, white, suntan (shown on human boy) $50, or gray skin (shown on marionette) $50
  3. no make-up, human boy makeup $70, or marionette makeup $80
  4. outfit--hat, shirt, suspender shorts (I think these are one piece), bow tie, socks) $78
  5. handmade resin jewel eyes by Oscar in pink green or aqua blue $35
  6. shoes $20
  7. all the accessories: add full set (wig, jewel eyes, outfit and shoes) $118 (saves $30)
Basic doll alone includes the assembled doll, an extra pair of hands, a pair of cotton cushions, certificate of authenticity, and box.

Interestingly, I don't see where you purchase the wig a la carte. I'm guessing the wigs are regular stock and can be found here:
  • Human boy is wearing FOF Wig_Royal Cut-Dark Chocolate $15
  • Thought it's currently sold out, I think marionette might be wearing some similar to FOF/YoSD PW Wig P-09, though probably in color F4--the heat resistant platinum shade, and style differently. This one is $27.

At any rate--I'm delighted to see new limited edition tinies--and these guys are so sweet. I love how daring and goth the marionette is. The eyes certainly add that extra spooky touch! And I also love that the human boy has a lovely smile. You hardly ever see happy BJDs that don't look creepy--and this guy is adorable with that smile. And tan. Will I be able to resist? Hmm.

(Did you catch my little joke there?)

All photos are property of Peak's Woods.

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