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Monday, June 30, 2014

FOC Lolita special nail hand parts released!

You must think I'm crazy for doing a post just on hand parts (has she been taking her meds?) and yes, I have, in fact! But I love, love, love this hands, and have been hoping they would become part of Peak's Woods general line since the KBJD Show and they were included with Tristan.

They have elegant long nails and just the most beautiful poses. My dolls don't really have jobs. Their day job is to stand around and look pretty, haughty, and demanding. These hands add to their personality so much I can hardly hand it! (Get the pun?)

The fingers are long and elegantly sculpted. I think it's the right hand that has the middle and the ring finger nearly crossed over each other. Oh--and they can wear FR:16 (Tulabelle, Poppy Parker Fashion Teen) size Integrity Toys rings.

The price for un unpainted pair is $25. You can choose normal or white skin. Add $30 if you'd like nail color and blushing. For nail color, you can choose pink, purple, color, or none. Add crystals for $10.

I haven't found out whether these will be a permanent addition to the line as of yet. But just to be on at the safe side--your girl might just need a pair, so don't wait. I asked--and heard that they will be making guest appearances with limited edition dolls at least, if not being permanently added to the line. They haven't quite decided if they will be part of the general line yet.

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