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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Amethyst Factor - Chicline Chloe modeling

Amethyst Factor

Spring's FR:16 outfits by Integrity Toys have started to arrive, and the first two are here. Chicline Chloe (Fairyland, white skin) is modeling Amethyst Factor.

I've had Tulabelle and Tonner Doll Antoinette outfits on Chloe before with success, so I was hoping the same for FR:16. They are slightly curvier than Tulabelle. Sure enough--with a little struggle, I was able to get Chloe's hips into the dress and zip it up. (It has a zipper!) It is just a tiny bit big in the bust, as I expected.

The straps have a small ring in the back to hold the ribbon in place, and one of the ribbons came out of one of the rings. It was a real pain, but I managed to get the ribbon back into the ring (it's a tiny jump ring. It's still work that tiny detail, in my opinion.

Amethyst Factor

Then, there's the gloves. With most dolls, I don't bother with gloves. They are just a huge source of frustration. But these are so pretty--sheer net with a lacey dot pattern. One hand (her left) went on perfectly. But the right... well, I was close to tears. But I was committed at that point. Take a sip of wine and move along. Eventually, it's there.

Amethyst Factor

The outfit includes this adorable clutch, with a sparkling embroidered pattern. The coolest part? It is held shut with a magnetic closure, and it actually opens! So cool. I am really impressed!

OK, and the shoes even fit. After the near-tears with the glove fiasco, I love it. It's gorgeous. The stole is black with a purple sheen. It's simply sexy and gorgeous--and it gives Chloe a beautiful new outfit.

Amethyst Factor

Treasure Dolls is the perfect place to order these outfits, as Evelyn will often offer splits: you can order only the outfit or only the nude doll. (FR:16 are sold as dressed dolls, and I usually prefer to have the outfit only.) This saves the time and effort to resell the doll, which is very convenient. Depending on how many requests she receives, however, the outfit or doll you want may not be available. And there's always eBay or the Dollpage for reselling.

Amethyst Factor retails for $135 as the dressed doll. I paid $75 for the outfit (including shipping), which I consider to be very reasonable for a fancy BJD outfit! I highly recommend this one.

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