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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Janus Miho hybrid is here!

Thanks to Den of Angels (for the body) and Migidoll for their amazing head event, I was able to put this fantastic hybrid together.

Janus Miho (with standard makeup, if you can believe it) is a Migidoll, Type A normal skin head. I originally fell in love with his quirky little smirk at Migidoll's booth at the KBJD show--and I don't know what kept me from buying his there--but more than likely, it's because I didn't own any large boys at the time. He's an M-series limited edition head; it's unfortunate, since he's so cool--but check out the other sculpts they have! Migi has a style all their own--with amazing face ups! (Migidoll was formerly known as Cherish Doll, I believe.)

His body is actually by Doll-Leaves. This Chinese company has disappointed me in the past with a couple tiny dolls of theirs I have owned--due to stringing issues and my own impatience--never because of quality or customer service. I found a 60cm male body for sale on Tumblr and also on Den of Angels for a good price--and the seller had former used this body as a hybrid for a Type A normal Migi head. I thought this would probably work for my guy, too! We even ended up being able to trade, which went perfectly.

The body works well, and I'm thrilled. I have another set of photos to upload, but I'm too excited no to share the first good one before the day's first nap.

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  1. He's looking pretty cool Alison, love his wig and shirt too! Isn't nice when things just fall into place like that?


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