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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little Queen will be available to order tomorrow!

The Little Queen is now listed on Peak's Woods website as the next full set doll. She will be available for preorder starting tomorrow, April 25, 2012 through May 25, 2012. Lay away is available as well.

This gorgeous Fairy of Fairytales girl uses the Rabbit Goon sculpt with a limited face-up, which is included in the $332 base price. You choose normal or white skin. Two pairs of hand parts, 14mm crystal acrylic eyes (random in color), a box, cotton cushions and a certificate of authenticity are also included. 

When you add the dress ($150), you also receive the gown, skirt, bloomers, stockings, shoes and hairband.

I'm noticing that the wig isn't listed, so I might drop them a line and ask if the wig is extra or random. I know Peak's Woods includes lovely eyelashes on their dolls, and I really adore the red lashes on this little lady!

Also, I haven't heard yet if there will be a free monthly fairy for April and May--the last one was a winking cutie, and was included with any order of a full doll.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Little Queen

Image property of Peak's Woods.
A sneak preview of the next limited edition full set BJD is up on Peak's Woods home page... and they are out to get me. This gorgeous girl is the same size as Hucky--27cm or a little over 10", about YoSD size--and she is just adorable. She uses the Rabbit Goon sculpt, which is a dreaming version of Naomi.

I am absolutely captivated by her facial screening.

I adore historical dolls, and I just don't know how I will be able to pass her by! (I probably won't.) I'll keep you posted on the details, as soon as they are available. After I order mine, of course. ;)

Rococo Alice

Lovely Skiya by Peak's Woods is modeling a one-of-a-kind outfit by Carol Peters. It's absolutely perfect! I need to take better photos, but I just couldn't wait to share a photo of her in my display after bringing the outfit home from Sunday's doll meet.

The outfit is done in a lovely French blue satin fabric, and includes many separate pieces:

  • separate bodice with lined lace, trimmed with bows and lace sleeves
  • satin bloomers
  • sheer black tulle underskirt trimmed with blue ribbon
  • apron
  • short blue half skirt shown here
  • additionally full-length long hooped skirt with lace trim at hem
  • lacey polkadot stockings with lace at the top
  • hair bow
You can switch Alice's skirt from the sheer tulle for a sexy Alice, to the short satin for a more traditional Alice, to the long hem for a French court look, without a skirt for dressing room lingerie. The separates also mix and match with other pieces I have in my collection for even more looks.

Skiya is wearing shoes and a wig by DollHeart, and eyes by Mint on Card. Isn't she just adorable?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New wigs and news from Peak's Woods

Starting today, all Fairies of Bugs (42 cm) and Fairytales (27 cm) BJDs ordered from Peak's Woods have the option of a girl or boy body at no additional cost when you place your order (and it's conveniently located as part of the drop down menu).

Additionally, two new wigs have been added to the Fairies of Fairytale line: the Ballerina wig is a blonde or royal brown wig with braided buns for $27, and Lollipop is a twin ponytail wig available in blonde or pink for $25.

Also, from now on, the default girl make-up of Cheshire Goon will look like Pink Ballerina. She's simply adorable.

Photos are property of Peak's Woods.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New DollHeart releases!

Luisa for SD16 girl by DollHeart
Romance of the Palace II by DollHeart has been released for a June delivery. Oh my! What can I say? If you missed the first collection, your Rococo French Court desires might be tickled by this new line.

There are two SD17 Boy outfits, and one each for 70cm boy, SD13 boy, SD10/13 girl and SD16 girl. Lots of new gorgeous wigs and shoes are also available. Be sure to check them out from your favorite DollHeart dealer.

Janie for SD10/13 girl by DollHeart
Photos property of DollHeart.

Monday, April 9, 2012

New Vampire Basics from Peak's Woods

Two new basic Fairies of Colors are available - and more importantly, on sale! - at Peak's Woods. you can save 20% off these two new girls (and even use lay-away). Sale price is $464, with $60 for a face-up. You may choose white or normal skin.

FOC Vampire Briana - she uses the lovely Briana sculpt with fangs. Her price includes a random wig, random 16mm eyes, and an extra pair of hands.

FOC Vampire Goldie - she uses the Wake-Up Goldie sculpt with fangs. She includes a random wig, extra hands, and a random wig.

This 20% off special lasts through the next 20 days only, and expires at the end of the April, so don't delay!

Photos property of Peak's Woods.