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Monday, April 9, 2012

New Vampire Basics from Peak's Woods

Two new basic Fairies of Colors are available - and more importantly, on sale! - at Peak's Woods. you can save 20% off these two new girls (and even use lay-away). Sale price is $464, with $60 for a face-up. You may choose white or normal skin.

FOC Vampire Briana - she uses the lovely Briana sculpt with fangs. Her price includes a random wig, random 16mm eyes, and an extra pair of hands.

FOC Vampire Goldie - she uses the Wake-Up Goldie sculpt with fangs. She includes a random wig, extra hands, and a random wig.

This 20% off special lasts through the next 20 days only, and expires at the end of the April, so don't delay!

Photos property of Peak's Woods.

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