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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little Queen will be available to order tomorrow!

The Little Queen is now listed on Peak's Woods website as the next full set doll. She will be available for preorder starting tomorrow, April 25, 2012 through May 25, 2012. Lay away is available as well.

This gorgeous Fairy of Fairytales girl uses the Rabbit Goon sculpt with a limited face-up, which is included in the $332 base price. You choose normal or white skin. Two pairs of hand parts, 14mm crystal acrylic eyes (random in color), a box, cotton cushions and a certificate of authenticity are also included. 

When you add the dress ($150), you also receive the gown, skirt, bloomers, stockings, shoes and hairband.

I'm noticing that the wig isn't listed, so I might drop them a line and ask if the wig is extra or random. I know Peak's Woods includes lovely eyelashes on their dolls, and I really adore the red lashes on this little lady!

Also, I haven't heard yet if there will be a free monthly fairy for April and May--the last one was a winking cutie, and was included with any order of a full doll.

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