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Friday, May 4, 2012

Jazz Baby Doll Reader exclusive by Val Zeitler

In January of this year, Haute Doll released a limited edition exclusive doll, Jazz Baby, available for purchase to attendees. She is produced by DollHeart and designed by Val Zeitler. She stands 23" (58cm) tall, and is simply amazing.

She has a 1980s Speakeasy theme--she includes a soft vintage wardrobe, with additional outfits to come during the year. She includes a cigarette holder, beauty mark and garter. She is limited to just 40 dolls, and now, you can purchase this lovely girl through the Doll Reader's website for $695. Shipping is an additional $30 to Canada, and additional $60 to other international destinations.

Oh, I just adore her!

This girl is one of the many, many reasons you need to subscribe to one of the fabulous doll magazines out there. Whether in print or online, be a support of these great publications! It's a fantastic resource!

Images are property of Doll Heart, and provided so that you might be tempted to go purchase this lovely doll for yourself. Here is the link!

Update--Sorry about that. My links weren't all working earlier. I've just fixed them. 

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