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Monday, April 23, 2012

Rococo Alice

Lovely Skiya by Peak's Woods is modeling a one-of-a-kind outfit by Carol Peters. It's absolutely perfect! I need to take better photos, but I just couldn't wait to share a photo of her in my display after bringing the outfit home from Sunday's doll meet.

The outfit is done in a lovely French blue satin fabric, and includes many separate pieces:

  • separate bodice with lined lace, trimmed with bows and lace sleeves
  • satin bloomers
  • sheer black tulle underskirt trimmed with blue ribbon
  • apron
  • short blue half skirt shown here
  • additionally full-length long hooped skirt with lace trim at hem
  • lacey polkadot stockings with lace at the top
  • hair bow
You can switch Alice's skirt from the sheer tulle for a sexy Alice, to the short satin for a more traditional Alice, to the long hem for a French court look, without a skirt for dressing room lingerie. The separates also mix and match with other pieces I have in my collection for even more looks.

Skiya is wearing shoes and a wig by DollHeart, and eyes by Mint on Card. Isn't she just adorable?

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