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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New wigs and news from Peak's Woods

Starting today, all Fairies of Bugs (42 cm) and Fairytales (27 cm) BJDs ordered from Peak's Woods have the option of a girl or boy body at no additional cost when you place your order (and it's conveniently located as part of the drop down menu).

Additionally, two new wigs have been added to the Fairies of Fairytale line: the Ballerina wig is a blonde or royal brown wig with braided buns for $27, and Lollipop is a twin ponytail wig available in blonde or pink for $25.

Also, from now on, the default girl make-up of Cheshire Goon will look like Pink Ballerina. She's simply adorable.

Photos are property of Peak's Woods.

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