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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jessica Pierrot EID

**Update** She has been sold!

Are you looking to add Iplehouse EID Jessica to your collection at an affordable price? You may be able to find the perfect one on the secondary market from Jan. You can see lots of beautiful photos of this limited edition doll, Jessica Pierrot from 2009, on her website here.

For $550 (shipping and insurance is additional), you will receive the nude, normal skin (large bust, general type non-mobility thigh) doll with the company face-up, an additional set of hands, high-heel feet, extra elastic, including two Iplehouse wigs (blonde and brunette), and three pairs of 12mm eyes (green, blue and brown). She includes her original box and certificate of authenticity, and the seller is her original owner. (You can rest assured you're getting an actual Iplehouse, and not a recast.)

According to her seller, originally, this doll sold for $846. She was one of the original dolls in the Noctarcana Circus collection. You can see her page here.

This doll uses the first EID body, and looking at her photos, she has a very even skin tone with no visible yellowing. She is in incredible condition. She's lovely!

Because she is so heavy, her owner would like to ship her within the US only.

I have to confess, Jessica has never been on my wish list before--but this girl is really amazing. And this price is such a steal! Someone should pick her up. She's an incredible doll, and really, one of the first limited edition dolls that helped put Iplehouse on the map. (Plus, if you buy her, then I won't be tempted, LOL!)

Photo belongs to Jan Carmen.

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