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Friday, October 4, 2013

Peak's Woods Halloween special

FOF V.F. Lady Alice, blue-grey skin
Peak's Woods has announced some gorgeous limited edition dolls for Halloween, and a new color of resin for these lovelies--blue-grey. Here's the special:

Limited edition Fairy of Fairytales with vampire fangs, carved bite marks on their necks, and blue-grey skin.

Basic doll includes eyes, one pair of extra hand parts, cushions, CoA, and box.

Take 10% off between October 5-10, making the price $244.80. Layaway is available October 11, for $272. Choose boy or girl body. Make-up is an additional $70. Bite mark torso is an additional $10, and painting is an additional $5.

FOF V.F. Hucky Blue-Grey 
FOF V.F. Sir Tin Blue-Grey
FOF V.F. Leo, Blue-Grey
Additionally, basic FOF Vampire Fairies are also available:

You can choose normal or white skin, boy or girl body, and have the option of a vampire torso through October 31. Base price is $224, make-up adds $60. Bite mark torso is an additional $10, and painting is an additional $5.

V.F. Hucky
V.F. Sir Tin
V.F. Leo
V.F. Lady Alice
Photos are property of Peak's Woods.

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