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Sunday, September 22, 2013

More dolls on the wish list

Audrey, nYID by Iplehouse

My BJD wish list is growing, and my doll collection is morphing again. While the fashion dolls are being reshuffled, I've realized some changes in my BJD tastes.

Sticking to the theory of collecting what you love, rather than just like, can be painful if you tend to get attached to things. I find that some BJD collectors aren't really collectors in the sense that fashion doll collectors are. BJD collectors are more enthusiasts, which is great. They build up a doll and wardrobe based on her character, without simply collecting things based on how sparkly things are, or how well it happens to fit "the theme" of a collection, or, for example, how nicely it happens to look with the paint in the living room.

So my current BJD wish list is filling up with Iplehouse dolls. I really like Audrey, nYID size. I like her type C make-up best, though I might prefer make-up that is a bit paler in the lips. I have to admit I wasn't impressed with her at first, as I found her type A make-up a little bland. As I've seen more owner photos, though, I've fallen for her. I might order her in peach gold skin, I think.

Bianca, The Addiction, Iplehouse nYID BJD

I wasn't convinced I wanted to add Bianca to my collection until I saw the limited edition Bianca from The Addiction collection. I like fantasy colors in other people's collection, but I think I'd like her in either white skin or peach gold. I'd want to order the YID size from the Doll Choice system. I have to say--I really like the pink fantasy make-up, and I might make a special request for it, for a more couture look for my girl, but she isn't my number one priority at this point.

Lahela - Elder Limited edition BJD from Iplehouse
Lahela is one of those grails for me. Every time I see this girl pop up on Flickr I do a double take. I absolutely love her! I think she needs to come home. Because she was a limited edition, she's only available through Iplehouse's Doll Choice system. I love her natural make-up style B shown above, and I think I love both the light tan and ebony resin options. I might consider a secondary market purchase for this doll--but I think I might prefer an SID or nYID body for her, so a Doll Choice purchase might be a better idea. She is probably next on my list.

Asa - Iplehouse EID BJD
Asa - One of the original Elder size girls from the Iplehouse lineup, I've loved her versatile beauty for a long time. While I'd consider a secondary market purchase with an unusual face-up (and oh--there is one I've been watching), I've fallen in love with make-up style A and the either the new EID body or the SID body.

Let me just state the following on Iplehouse dolls. These dolls are only legitimately sold through the Iplehouse website in Korea. There are many companies who have recast these dolls and sell them on eBay. While they might be cheaper, they are illegal to buy (and sell) in the US. Additionally, recast dolls seriously affect the legitimate artists employed by Iplehouse. Aside from the only large BJD company in the world, Volks (which also makes other items, not just resin BJDs), companies employ less than ten people, and some only run on one to three people.

To me, it's not worth saving a few $100 or even a year's worth of saving on my part, just to get a doll I want a little sooner. I'd rather help keep the company in business, and keep seeing wonderful new sculpts--from this company and others.

Photos are property of Iplehouse.

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