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Friday, September 6, 2013

The Addiction: Bloody Tales of Castle Bran

Part II: Teaser photo of Lisa - Vampire head! It looks like gray skin will be an option for Lisa, as well. Ack, she's cute! I love her hands, too.

She goes on sale September 9 through October 9, 2013.

Her base price is $290, and here are some details for you:

  • Skin color options are: white, normal, $15 extra for peach gold or gray, $30 for special real.
  • Basic make-up A or B are available $50, and Fantasy A or B.
  • Fantasy head is available for $90 (white or normal), $95 (peach gold or gray), and $100 (special real).
  • Add $10 for a mobility joint.
  • Fantasy hands are available for $20-42, depending on skin tone and blushing options.
  • Wings are $119, including blushing.
  • Horns are $15, and an additional $4 for blushing
  • The outfit is $109, and includes a dress, underskirt, choker, train, arm warmers and veil.
  • A weapon is also available for $19, or $27 including blushing.
The wig should be ordered separately.

Photos are property of Iplehouse.

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