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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Addiction: Bloody Tales of Castle Bran - Lisa

Eeeeek! Coming soon from Iplehouse! It's a new character, Lisa. She's actually the 35 cm KID size. I've been wanting to add one of these girls to my collection for a long time, and now, I think I've found the perfect excuse!

According to the Iplehouse message board (you'll have to set up a free account and log on to read the full message), this character is inspired by Claudia, played by Kirsten Dunst in the film, Interview with the Vampire. According to Daniel Yoon, her designer, Lisa needed to "have some dark feeling" as well be cute.

Her outfit will be made of taffeta and lace, and will include a little red in addition to black. She will also include wings, similar to the current Addiction series character, Claude.

She should be released soon. Since Claude's pre-order period ends September 22, my guess is that Lisa should go on sale around that time. I'll keep you posted!

Photo is property of Iplehouse.

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