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Friday, December 13, 2013

Peak's Woods event: Sleeping Cue Limited Edition

A sneak peek of Peak's Woods limited edition Sleeping Cue has been posted on the index page--and she goes on sale December 16.

Don't forget about the current special--get a free FOF head with any FOF doll, through December 15 only. Then, starting on December 16 through the end of the month, when you purchase a full FOC doll, you can get a free FOC head (Lavin, Lottie, Sky, Cue, Mintie or Shaia) with your order.

See the Peak's Woods website for details.

And wow--I've just noticed there has been a price drop in the FOC dolls--from $580 to $550. (The prices were usually listed at $550 with a 10% discount, but this discount has now become permanent.) Additionally, make-up for the AB dolls has been lowered from $70 to $60 as well.

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