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Monday, March 10, 2014

Soom - Rosette Fairytale: new Alice in Wonderland dolls available

I'm supposed to be over Alice--but how will I resist these adorable girls? I love the Rosette body, and I have one girl, Camellia. She's so sweet. Now, three more limited edition girls are up on Soom's website. These three are available from March 7-27, 2014.

Check them out:

Vela, the Cheshire Cat - $288 base price (she uses the Muse Lady body), clear resin cat ears add $50, two hand parts $20 each, face-up $50, body blushing $48, eyes $25, wig $28, outfit $115, boots $46 - bringing the full set cost to: $670. I think I'd need the ears, face-up, and OMG--the lingerie. (I might prefer a Licht wig in pink.)

Fir, White Rabbit Ver. - $288 base price (Muse Girl body), clear resin bunny ears $50, choice of extra hand parts $20, face-up $50, body blushing $48, eyes $25, wig $28, outfit $118, shoes $46 - bringing the full set cost to: $673. If I got her, I wouldn't be able to live without the ears (so cute!), face-up and eyes, and pretty amazing outfit. I don't see the shoes, actually. I've always loved Fir--and this version--oh, so soft!

Sakura as Alice - Oh, my favorite! She has the perfect (almost vacant and frightened) Alice look, and I adore the lolita Alice outfit, complete with lingerie. $288 base price (Muse Lady body), ear parts (either cat or rabbit) $50, extra hands $20, face-up $50, body blushing $48, eyes $25, wig $28, outfit $112, shoes $46, which brings the full set cost to: $667. Wow.

These dolls are simply gorgeous! I may have to break down and order one. Ack! How to decide.

Photos are property of Soom.

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  1. Mmm yes, they are all very pretty girls, I was going to say I prefer the pink, but then I also love the steampunk theme of the second. The blue set is just a bit too frilly for me, however I do love the colour combo of the sky and aqua. Am I tempted? Not at the moment...which is quite a change for me. :)


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