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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Why you need to attend the KBJD Show!

Back to the 1920s: It's the loveliest Yeru the Soul LE yet! She's simply stunning in a white gown by Corona, and face up by Peak's Woods Dhar. I notice she includes special long fingernail hand parts (with a manicure--check out her photos, since they are just too cute!), high heels, the outfit (dress, layered inner skirt, gloves, hairband, necklace and stockings), shoes, glass eyes, box (of course) and that adorable wig.

Sweet Barista Special: From the left, Sir Tin, Hucky, Leo and Rabbit Goon make up the Fairies of Fairytales group. Their outfits are also by Corona, and it looks like there is only one set available. The dolls are tan (!!) versions, with limited face-ups by KyungMin Lee (the sculptor), and include glass eyes, extra hands, wigs, shoes, and a box.

I'm not sure about how these dolls will be sold--or if they may be raffled off as centerpiece dolls. However, the Platinum registration at the KBJD Show includes raffle tickets! I'm so in.

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