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Saturday, March 8, 2014

New sizes available from Nine9Style: EID and Lati Yellow!

I'm thrilled to be able to share the announcement that Nine9Style is now carrying EID (man and woman) sizes, as well as LaTi Yellow sizes. This clothing company also sells on eBay--so if you like to collect eBay's cash back (which as changed over the past few months, as I understand) you can also shop there.

Be sure to consider the sets that Nine9Style carries--you usually get a great deal. Several pieces of clothing will get a decent little discount! And the quality of these casual clothing is really, really fantastic.

I'm curious about the LaTi sizes--I have some DollHeart Lati sets that my Azone Pure Neemos can wear, and some of the Nine9Style sets are just too cute!

I just received the Mink Ball knitwear and one-piece set (now I have it in both grey and brown) with my latest Peak's Woods order, and it's just adorable. You can use the slip and the sweater separately--and the set is just $33 for both pieces. Let me include a real-life photo for you (Mintie is modeling--she's the tall blonde on the left):

Out of order display!

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