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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another teaser photo from Peak's Woods...

Photo property of Peak's Woods.
Ack! Oh no! I think that's a new sculpt! Peak's Woods is such a tease! I'm dying over here. My favorite BJD company has put up another teaser photo on their website today as part of their Halloween special items--all Alice in Wonderland themed--and this time, I'm pretty sure we see a new sculpt.

The previous two items (I'm so sorry I didn't sneak off the first Alice photo--I'm pretty sure it was Naomi) were both their smaller Fairy of Fairytale size. This time, we see the White Rabbit. I have reason to believe that this is also the smaller size (27cm or close to YoSD size) as well, but we haven't yet seen a wake-up (sleepy-eyed sculpt) in this size before.

Several things to note here: bunny ears (!!), elf ears, and a painted smile. (Look at those eye lashes!) This lovely thing looks like a miniaturized version of Wake-Up Romantic Lady Bee. Oh my! How am I going to choose??

I'm going to get in big trouble. I sure hope my husband isn't following my blog right now. LOL!

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