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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

LE Gowns available from Peak's Woods

The Glamour dress is available in blue (shown above) for $210 or also in a pink version for $225. You can add the shoes for $32.90. The gowns are created by Atelier Soda.

Both versions include:

  • Outer cotton silk gown
  • Cotton silk corset
  • Inner white cotton dress
  • Cotton silk dress
  • Cotton trousers
  • Pannier (to retain the shape of the dress)
  • Stockings
  • Ribbon choker (ribbon tied around the neck)
  • Gloves
These gowns were originally offered as part of limited edition dolls, and Peak's Woods has made them available again. At the time, I ordered tan Briana, but skipped the gown. Now that I see them again, however, I am reminded of their loveliness!

Additionally, check out some of the other gowns in stock. There are some great sale prices on some of them. New wigs are also available, and being offered at a discount for a limited time.

Photos are property of Peak's Woods.

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