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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Limited edition Alice in Wonderland outfits are available again from Peak's Woods

Alice in Wickedland outfit
Back by popular demand, three limited edition outfits have been re-released by Peak's Woods. Designed for the Fairy of Fairytales (YoSD) size BJD, these adorable outfits are $99 each. There are three available:

  • Alice in Wickedland - dress, drawers, pinafore, knee socks, hair pin
  • Cheshire Goon - pants, sleeveless shirt, jacket, knee socks, cat's tail
  • Rabbit Goon - pants - sleeveless shirt, cape jacket, ruff, knee socks, necklace, rabbit's tail

Wig, shoes and hat are not included. Photos are property of Peak's Woods.

Cheshire Goon outfit

Rabbit Goon outfit

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