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Friday, May 9, 2014

Casual clothing from DollHeart - just lovely!

Olivia, DM-000006
Lots of new stuff is available from DollHeart and their dealers, and I am delighted with the selection of lovely casual clothing. There is a new line, called D2 Casual Wear, which includes both single pieces and sets, for reasonable prices.

Above, you can see Olivia, available for preorder for $79.90. Sized for Dollfie Dream medium bust, this set includes the hat, top, fur collar, coat, pleated skirt, socks and panties. Super cute--I wonder if it would fit any of my current girls? (Did you know I can find out here--right on DollHeart's website--which clothing will fit my doll? They have posted a measurements guide online. It's very convenient!)

Lauren, YD-000182
Next, there's Lauren, sized for YoSD girls. Another adorable casual outfit, this set includes the hat, bubble shorts, socks, ruffled shirt, denim jacket, scarf and bag.

One of my favorite pieces from May's preorder collection is this lovely one-piece dress. Here, you can see it on Luts Ani, sized for MSD. It's $32.90 in this size. Only the dress is included, as this is one of the separates available.

This dress can also be ordered for SD10/13 girls, so you can have twins! I think it's simply adorable. It's $34.90, and available for preorder now.

The same dress is also available for Dollfie Dream Dynamite girls. The price is $34.90. Check out the rest of DDY casual separates available for styling this piece here.

Mia, WD-000002
A new size for DollHeart, Mini Dollfie Dream, and their first outfit, Mia, is sure to be a success! I've checked her measurements, and she seems to be between MSD and Unoa. This outfit is $69.90 and includes the dress, cardigan, chain necklace, and socks. All the pieces (well, maybe not the socks) are available for purchase separately as well.

A few sneak peeks - Melissa is not yet available for preorder, and price has not yet been determined, but wow--it's cute! Sized for SD10/13 girl, this set includes the hat, coat, socks, belt, woven shirt, gold knit sweater and denim shorts. I've already got those shoes, and I think I see this outfit in my near future! The pieces are listed separately as well.

Another fun one-piece dress has been sneaked on DollHeart's site as well. This black number is being sold as a separate, also for SD10/13 girls, with no release date or price available at this time.

Isabella YD-000150 and Noah YD-000149
No DollHeart post is complete without something fantasy, and Isabella and Noah definitely fit the bill. No release date or price, and the pieces are being offered separately. Outfits are sized for YoSD. 

Isabella includes a pink eared hat, furry neck collar, one-piece, bloomers, socks, necklace, and a pair of bracelets. Noah includes a shirt, vest, shorts, grey bunny ears, and neck accessory. My guess is that the outfits without prices will be available for preorder in June. Eeek--they are so cute!

The photos are property of DollHeart.

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