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Friday, May 30, 2014

Monthly Fairy Bow Jjang on the loose

Bow Jjang

The lovely Bow Jjang by Peak's Woods is trying out a new hand today. I strung on a tiny new pointing finger hand, which I ordered with her last year. It's super cute, and surprisingly, it wasn't too hard to use.

The trick, I have found, is putting both hands on at the same time. Here's my technique:

First, I put a thick needle in through the loop at the end of her wrist. Next, I string the special hand through the loop, keeping the original hand in place. Then, I remove the original hand, when I'm sure the special hand is secure. After double-checking that her new hand is secure, often pinching the tiny S-hook closed, I'll remove the needle. That's it! Now she can point!

Doesn't she look like a tiny tattle tale? You can see some additional photos on Flickr, though I will add one more closeup below.

Bow Jjang

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  1. That's something I haven't attempted yet. The hands add a little more expression to a doll and this one is perfect for her and she looks so cute. :)


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